90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Pineda shares a rare pic of her son as she celebrates his birthday

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star shares a rare pic of her son on Instagram.
Jasmine Pineda shares a pic of her son on social media for his birthday. Pic credit: TLC

As her stardom continues to rise, Jasmine Pineda has been protective over her children. The mother of two revealed that her sons currently live with family members, however she continues to have a close bond with them both.

Neither of her sons have appeared on the show, but the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star revealed how important they are to her and how she is working to give them a better life.

Recently, for his birthday, Jasmine decided to pen a sweet message to one of her boys and shared it on social media. She included a photo of him as well, which is the first time many fans have seen what he looks like.

Jasmine wishes her son a happy birthday on Instagram

Jasmine shared a pic of her son on Instagram which is rare for her to do. She has mostly kept her kids off of social media, so the post was a surprise to many.

In her post, Jasmine revealed that it was her son’s birthday. She wrote a heartwarming caption giving him a major shout out and sharing her love for him with her followers.

Starting her caption with multiple red hear emojis, Jasmine wrote, “My Gemini baby boy…Happy birthday love. You’ve brought so much light to my life…every time I think about giving up you’re my strength and my biggest dream is to see you grow up and conquer all your dreams! Mom will always love you.”

She paired the loving tribute with a side-by-side picture of herself and her son, who shares some identical facial features with his mom.

This post is one of only a few times that Jasmine’s kids have been shared online. For Mother’s Day, Gino shared a series of photos of the boys with Jasmine. He expressed how loving she is as mother and how hard she works to take care of them.

Does Jasmine plan to have more kids with Gino?

Jasmine has been open about how much she loves kids. And even before they met in person, Gino was eager to share his desire to get her pregnant as soon as possible.

Although she is open to having more kids in the future, Jasmine’s priority is getting to America and marrying Gino to complete the K-1 visa process. She admitted on the show that she was on birth control because she isn’t ready to expand their family just yet.

Jasmine also hasn’t let her boys meet Gino yet. She wants to be sure things between the two will work out before she introduces him to her children. While Gino appears to be ready for a new baby, it doesn’t look like the duo is ready to take that step.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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4 months ago

For a mother who claims to be “working hard” to take care of her boys, it appears that she works harder to spend money, mostly Gino’s, on excessive plastic surgery, hair extensions, massages on herself, etc. I was completely surprised and somewhat disgusted to find out that in actuality, one son lives with his father and the special needs child is sent away from her, his mother, and out to the countryside. Instead of saving money to provide good educations, and special needs accommodations for her sons, she spoils herself and continually berates her now husband. With all the money she spent spoiling and indulging herself, that money should’ve been spent on her sons not her selfish demands from Gino. She should be ashamed of herself as a mother. On top of this self-absorbed behavior, she now wants to exclude Gino’s family from him, knowing how important it is for Gino to maintain a good relationship, a healthy relationship with a family that her sons will eventually be part of. Constantly spoiling herself whenever she can is one thing. But being a mother with a special-needs child, and snowshoe misses her terribly then claiming to care about them so much doesn’t make sense. Since I learned that her oldest lives with his father, and we don’t know who cares for the special-needs boy, but it’s sure not his mother, I have lost respect for Jasmine. I hope she wakes up because her life can’t be a constant vacation with pampering and self indulgence at her age, and with her responsibilities as a real mother. She is a smart, beautiful woman certainly capable of maturing and preparing for her sons to come to the US without unnecessary trauma because she won’t grow up. I don’t understand how she expects Gino, the boys and her to be a happy family if she doesn’t grow up. It’s a lot to throw at Gino who hasn’t raised children of his own. Jasmine will have to step up for this to work. I know she can do it if she changes her behavior and puts her kids ahead of herself. I truly wish her luck in this undertaking.