90 Day Fiance drama: Fernanda Flores posts 45 minute ‘My Truth’ video accusing Jonathan Rivera of abuse

Fernanda Flores YouTube video
Fernanda Flores breaks her silence about why she and Jonathan Rivera’s 90 Day Fiance marriage ended in divorce. Pic credit: Fernanda Flores/YouTube

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera split up in December 2018 and even though several months have passed, the former 90 Day Fiance couple continues to play the blame game when it comes to who is at fault for their marriage failing.

Viewers heard Jonathan’s side of the story via 90 Day Fiance updates as Season 4 of Happily Ever After? began.

Now, Fernanda has also spoken out, releasing a nearly 45-minute video titled My Truth, in which she explains her side of the split from Jonathan Rivera, It is a scathing, documentary-style production featuring interviews with her friend Katherine as well as video clips and screenshots of headlines and text messages to back her up.

Fernanda started by tackling the shocking 90 Day Fiance moment they filmed of her discovering another woman’s underwear in Jonathan’s house.

He had just moved in, so there shouldn’t have been evidence of past relationships, but he claimed he moved a dresser without unpacking it, inadvertently bringing the underwear along with him.

According to Fernanda, the underwear was only the tip of the iceberg.

“That same week, I found a lot of stuff. Not just underwear. Sex toys, pictures, movies, and stuff. Dude, you’re supposed to have left your past behind and start fresh with me,” Fernanda said. “I know you’re a single man. I know that you’re older than me … but I wasn’t understanding why. I realized not everything is how it seems.”

She went even further, accusing Jonathan of drinking too much and being irresponsible with money. While Fernanda admits he made good money as a real estate agent, Jonathan was a big spender and never tried to budget his funds.

While all of those claims about the 90 Day Fiance star are shocking on their own, it was Fernanda’s claims of abuse, which Jonathan denied, that are the most jaw-dropping.

In the video, she described one time where she claims Jonathan got physical with her:

“I remember me looking through his office and stuff, and I found a wrapper of a condom,” Fernanda recounted. “I flipped out. I literally flipped out. I yell at him and I tell him, ‘What the f**k is this?’ I was so mad. His reaction was to grab me from the neck, push me into the wall. ‘That’s not mine. You’re crazy.'”

Fernanda also claimed Jonathan was obsessed with his growing fame after appearing on the reality TV show. She said that as her mental health began to decline, he was too wrapped up in social media accounts and growing them to take notice.

She said she begged Jonathan for help when she fell into depression after being away from family and stuck at home while he worked long hours, but Jonathan told her to help herself.

Watch the entire Fernanda Flores My Truth video below:

So far, Jonathan Rivera responded to the abuse allegations waged by Fernanda Flores in a statement to E! News.

“These allegations are completely false and my attorney will now be handling the situation,” Jonathan said. “Clearly, she will do whatever she has to in order to stay in this country.”

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