90 Day Fiance critics hate on Larissa after she posted about her Las Vegas plastic surgeon

Larissa Lima
Larissa’s story post about her cosmetically enhanced butt got a lot of attention from her haters. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Lima posted many videos and pictures of her vacation to Las Vegas, one of them was shouting out the plastic surgery she visited to make her butt bigger, and critics were quick to hate on her.

Larissa has always been a controversial cast member of 90 Day Fiance and Happily and Ever After for her volatile behavior, many plastic surgeries, and parenting. Her critics usually have a lot to say about her posts and stories, and this post about her enhanced butt was no different.

A popular 90 Day Fiance fan page reposted a picture from Larissa’s story to their page and the critical comments from followers were wild.

Some commenters made valid points about the same things viewers have been harping on Larissa about for years, like the way she spends her money, where her kids are, and how much she is contributing to American society as a foreigner. There were people that had strong viewpoints that could be interpreted as outlandish and mean as well.

Larissa’s Instagram story got a lot of attention from critics

Larissa has never been shy about detailing her many plastic surgeries, including targeted lipo on her stomach to make it look like she has ripped abdominal muscles, large breast implants, lots of botox, a nose job, and an enhanced butt like she showed off in her Instagram story.

Due to Larissa’s strong personality and bad rap from 90 Day Fiance, she has amassed a lot of haters. who question her morals, lifestyle, and motives.

Larissa left her daughter in Brazil and she is taken care of by Larissa’s parents, and her son lives with his dad. She has not seen her kids in years and many of her critics view this as abandonment.

The post from @90dayfiancefanatics2 was a repost of Larissa’s story, and the comments were turned on for followers’ thoughts.

IG comments and post about Larissa
Larissa’s latest story drew a lot of criticism. Pic credit: @90dayfiancefanatics/Instagram

Larissa’s haters had a lot of the same viewpoints when it came to Larissa spending her money on transforming her body rather than helping her kids, but this idea is flawed because her critics don’t actually know when or if she sends money and how much.

Many people who saw her on the show have a bad impression of her and relate it to leaving her kids behind in Brazil to pursue a life in America.

Many people also feel she has taken her cosmetic surgeries way too far and that she does not set a good example for her fans and her children.

IG comments about Larissa
Larissa’s haters speak their minds on her latest story. Pic credit: @90dayfiancefanatics/Instagram

Larissa’s has posted a lot about her trip to Las Vegas

Larissa lived in Las Vegas with Colt when they were married and continued to live there with her on and off again boyfriend Eric before they moved to Colorado Springs, so this visit to Vegas is for vacation.

Now that Larissa is back visiting Las Vegas, she has been posting up a storm, sharing everything from pictures and videos to fans, to the different pool parties she attends.

Her trip is still not over so her followers can expect a lot more content from Larissa who loves the spotlight.

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