90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Top 5 embarrassing moments for Kimberly Menzies

Kimberly Menzies has had many embarrassing moments on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.
Kimberly Menzies has definitely made a name for herself on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

It’s no surprise that Kimberly Menzies is one of the most talked-about cast members on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. 

Between her contradictory outbursts and obsession with Usman, many fans could say that Kimberly has had many embarrassing moments thus far in the season. 

Whether you hate her or you love her, one thing remains true, Kimberly makes for great entertainment.

This article will be going over the top five most embarrassing moments for Kimberly Menzies this season on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. 

1. Throwing a fit over Usman not spending the night in her hotel room

Kicking the list off at number one is Kimberly throwing an unnecessary fit over the fact that Usman did not want to stay in her hotel room.

As anyone would expect, after taking a trip to Tanzania to visit a significant other, one would expect that sharing the same hotel room is simply a no-brainer.

However, that was not the case for Kimberly. 

Usman initially said that he would not spend the night with Kimberly as it was against his tradition and culture to spend the night together.

However, fans came to know that he was just telling a lie, as he had spent the night with his ex-wife Lisa Hamme before they were married. 

Kimberly threw a massive tantrum because Usman would not spend the night with her and proceeded to storm off. 

However, Usman eventually had a change of heart and decided to spend the night in Kimberly’s hotel room. 

Kimberly throwing a tantrum over wanting to spend time with her boyfriend made some viewers cringe for her.

2. Using her son to coerce Usman into having sex

Coming in at number two is one of the most talked-about episodes for Kimberly, which was when she deliberately tried to use her son to get sex from Usman. 

Kimberly has used all of the oldest tricks in the playbook, however, she decided to throw in a more unique one to get to her goal of sleeping with Usman. 

While Usman was still refusing to have sex with Kimberly, she threw in the fact that her son would curse Usman out if he did not have sex with his mother.

She kept saying her son was not going to like how he was treating her, and fans truly did not take a liking to that because they felt as if the roles were reversed, she would never get away with that type of tactic to receive sex. 

It was also odd to some fans that she would even try to use her son cursing Usman out as a motive for Usman to want to give in to her and her sexual advances. 

3. Gloating over Usman giving her “yam”

Number three on the list is Kimberly being relentlessly happy after Usman gave her his “yam.” 

After Usman finally gave in to Kimberly’s advances, Kimberly was nothing but smiles. As she lay in bed next to Usman, many fans felt sorry for her and compared her reaction to that of a much younger person.

Kimberly was thrilled with the big step in her confessional as she gushed about how good the kissing was. Usman himself even questioned why Kimberly was so happy as the two high-fived while in bed together.

Perhaps Kimberly does not feel as embarrassed about it, as she is now Usman’s girlfriend and now feels liberated. However, on the other hand, many fans were on the opposing team when it came to Kimberly and her “successful” steamy session with Usman.

4. Packing her bags to leave, only to come running back to Usman after a text 

While Kimberly has made many embarrassing choices throughout the season, contradicting herself has to be the most uncomfortable. 

Coming in at number four on the list is Kimberly being overly excited to run back to Usman after she’d made plans to leave.

After a big argument with Usman, after Kimberly found out about Zara and his relationship with her and the timeline, Kimberly threw one of her biggest tantrums yet, stormed into her room, and decided to start to pack her bags.

Kimberly was going on and on about how the relationship was over, and she just knew that there was nothing left, and that she was going home. Kimberly was making all of these plans that seemed very valid at that moment, however, as soon as Usman sent her a text, her plans changed.

Kimberly lit up as soon as she received a text from Usman telling her to meet him outside later that day so that they could “talk.” Kimberly, all of a sudden, had a leap of faith that their relationship was going to work. 

Some fans may believe that Kimberly really had no intentions to leave that day and that she was just waiting on Usman to break. 

It seemed as though Kimberly was not being as genuine with packing her things.

Kimberly contradicting herself just raises the question to many fans as to why Kimberly is so obsessed with Usman that she would break her boundaries and lower her self-worth to make a relationship work. Many fans did not believe that the relationship was going to be successful from the start. 

Some fans may disapprove of Kimberly and her actions, however, a few fans feel sorry for her and wish her all the best. 

No matter how difficult Kimberly makes her life with Usman, it seems as though she will not give up on their relationship.

5. Arguing with Usman over a goodbye kiss at the airport

Coming in at number five is Kimberly arguing with Usman over a simple kiss. 

After Kimberly finally decided to get up enough courage and accept her fate and head back to the United States, there was a very awkward scene where the producer asked Usman if there would be a kiss on the lips. 

After much deliberation back and forth between Kimberly and Usman, Usman decided to say that kissing her in the airport is just like a public announcement. 

Some may find it obscene that Usman had the guts to say that, as Kimberly was leaving home as his girlfriend and not just a random woman, or so she thought. 

Kimberly didn’t understand how, after all of the time the two spent together, Usman still did not want to kiss her in public. 

Kimberly continued to embarrass herself throughout the season, as she refused to accept the fact that Usman truly does not love her the way that she loves him or even cares enough about her feelings. 

As the season comes to a close, the awkward departure between the two may leave fans wondering if the relationship between Kimberly and Usman will genuinely flourish or if Usman will fight to be with the woman he really loves

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays on TLC at 8/7

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1 year ago

If Kimberly thinks Usman is in “love” with her, she’s DELUSIONAL! He no more wants to be with her “forever,” than he did old lady Lisa, and it’s gonna turn out the same way…Usman needs to find a nice young lady in his own country, but that won’t help him get to the US to make it “big” in the music industry. Heck, he’s not even THAT good, he would never make it in the USA!! Lol