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90 Day Fiance: Are Jasmin and Blake still together?

Jasmin and Blake at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All
Jasmin and Blake at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Last season’s 90 Day Fiance introduced us to Blake Abelard and his Finnish fiancee Jasmin Lahtinen — but are they still a couple?

Blake, 29, a recording artist who performs under the name Hollow Brooks, met 27-year-old Jasmin on a dating app.

Because Jasmin’s sister Janette, whom she is very close to, was able to immigrate to the US on her own and lived only a few miles from Blake, fans were suspicious of Jasmin’s motives, but Blake, who was previously married at 19 and divorced a few years later, went full steam ahead on the relationship.

The pair got married on October 10th — after all, Blake was “85 percent sure” that Jasmin wasn’t using him for a green card.  

Jasmin and Blake’s drama on the show

On the show, much of the drama surrounding Blake and Jasmin centered around their opposing personalities. Jasmin, naturally reserved and quiet, rarely wanted to tag along with Blake’s partying friends.

Meanwhile, Blake’s friends saw a disinterest in the relationship rather than a shy personality, leading to conflict. They were also concerned that Jasmin seemed less than supportive of Blake’s music career; when Jasmin attended one of Blake’s shows, she quietly sat in a booth with her sister and admitted that she found his performance “kind of weird”, adding, “I don’t understand the lyrics, so I don’t know. I don’t really care.”

Both Jasmin and Blake have said that the editing of the show has made Jasmin look less enthusiastic about the relationship than she really is.  

Blake stood by Jasmin, but the two fought privately about Jasmin’s unwillingness to befriend Blake’s crowd. Blake’s mother Kerline also expressed numerous concerns about Jasmin.

Kerline’s main issue was Jasmin’s desire to stay at home rather than work. In Finland, Jasmin worked as a social media influencer and wanted to continue that part-time in America, but planned on mostly relying on Blake’s income. All in all, it made for a tough 90 days for the couple — so are they still together? 

Are the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

It seems so — just last week, both Blake and Jasmin posted throwback photos from their wedding to their Instagram accounts. Blake also posted a Valentine’s Day shout out to his wife, saying “here’s to my little nerd, my lady goon… It’s things like this that remind me why I’ve made the choices I’ve made to be where I am, with her.”  

The couple also attended Kobe Bryant’s memorial together at the Staples Center on February 10. On last night’s Tell All, the only drama surrounding the couple related to Jasmin’s relationship with Blake’s friends. It still seems they aren’t getting along,   

This relationship is still going strong — they’ve only been married for four months, but they seem to still be happy. Let’s hope they remain that way! 

 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days will premiere a new season this Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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