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7 Little Johnstons: Which of the kids are adopted?

The five Johnston kids are Emma, Elizabeth, Alex, Anna, and Jonah
The Johnston children are all unique. Pic credit: TLC

There are five children in the Johnston family but only two of them are Amber and Trent’s biological children. Even though they are adopted, the other children are not treated any differently. So which children are adopted on 7 Little Johnstons?

Alex, Anna, and Emma are the adopted Johnstons. Amber had some difficulty with her deliveries with Jonah and Elizabeth, which is why the family looked into adoption. They decided to welcome children who have Achondroplasia Dwarfism as they do.

Amber and Trent Johnston went to Russia to get Anna. They spent roughly two weeks there and were able to bring her home to join the family.

With Alex, they were able to adopt him from South Korea without having to travel there. In fact, the Johnstons hired an escort and had him brought to them.

Emma was adopted from China and they traveled there to get her. She completed the family as the fifth child and the third to be adopted.

Adoption is something that the family was excited to take part in, especially because they wanted to expand their family and help others. It looks like their family is complete at this point, even though they toyed around with the idea of adopting another child from China.

The Johnstons ultimately decided that was not going to happen because adding a young child into the family isn’t the right fit for where they see themselves in a few years.

Raising a big family has challenges, but Amber and Trent Johnston appear to have a handle on it really well. Watching them raise their five children has been a focal point of the show and even with the difficulties like heartbreak and bad decisions, the Johnstons treat each child the same way.

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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