5 of the hottest photos shared by The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron leans
Tyler Cameron shares several swoon-worthy photos. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron was a breakout star on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and quickly captured Bachelor Nation’s heart. 

Tyler’s incredibly good looks and charming personality have shot him into stardom and he currently has the most followers of any man who has ever been a part of The Bachelor franchise. 

While two former Bachelorettes have broken the 2 million mark in terms of followers, Tyler Cameron is the only man to have over 2 million followers. On his platform, Tyler shares tons of captivating photos that show off how handsome and fit he is, so there were loads of hot photos to choose from. 

The following are five of the hottest photos Tyler Cameron has shared. 

1. Tyler Cameron’s shows off his stunning blue eyes 

Tyler Cameron highlighted his baby blue eyes in a striking close-up photo. 

All of Tyler’s handsome features were on full display in this quality photo and Tyler seems to agree that it’s a standout pic because it is currently his profile picture on Instagram. 

2. Tyler Cameron looks extra fine in Calvin Klein 

Tyler Cameron’s dashing good looks have led him into modeling and he had the coveted opportunity to model in Calvin Klein undies.

The best-selling author looks stunningly handsome in the black and white photo that highlights his muscles, jawline, and chiseled abs.

3. Tyler Cameron poses during sunset 

Even when not flaunting his abs, Tyler Cameron manages to turn up the heat in his photos. And he does exactly that in this gorgeous sunset pic. 

Against a beautiful orange sky, Tyler poses in a turtleneck and wine-colored blazer while giving an unforgettably suave stare. 

4. Tyler Cameron looks dapper with his cigar 

While in New York, Tyler Cameron shared shots of him looking particularly handsome and refined. 

Tyler held a cigar and posed with a turtleneck that still managed to highlight his impressive arm muscles. Tyler shared various photos from this shoot and each one could make the long list of his hottest photos. 

5. Tyler Cameron looks like a masterpiece in black & white 

Tyler wowed in yet another black & white fashion photoshoot, this time for the company Man of Metropolis in New York. 

Tyler shared shots from his shirtless shoot and, with his arms behind his head, the photo was able to capture Tyler’s alluring build, coifed hair, and sizzling facial expression. 

Many of Tyler’s photos help to emphasize why he’s become such a heartthrob. 

The Bachelorette returns Tuesday, October 19 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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