16 & Pregnant star Kyla gives update on life with baby Kasen after latest appearance on the MTV show

Kyla gives update on life with baby Kasen after being featured on 16 & Pregnant
16 & Pregnant star Kyla gives update on life with baby Kasen. Pic credit:MTV

16 & Pregnant star Kyla is giving fans an update on motherhood after giving birth to son Kasen.

The 18-year old North Carolina native was the latest teen to be featured on the popular MTV show. She recently talked about being a new mom and dished on her relationship with baby daddy Jaboire.

Kyla’s journey on 16 & Pregnant

Last week, 16 & Pregnant featured the promising young Kyla who had hopes of being a forensic anthropologist.

However, life quickly threw a wrench in those plans once Kyla and her boyfriend Jaboire found out that they were expecting a child.

The high school teens only had a few months to prepare for parenthood, but there were other roadblocks to contend with as well.

Kyla had a rocky relationship with her mother so she moved in with her aunt and uncle. Jabari also had issues with his own mom but got along great with Kyla’s mom.

So when the pregnant teen moved out out of her mom’s home, Jaboire moved into her old bedroom.

Kyla and Jaboire also had to contend with having a baby in the midst of a pandemic, on top of the other challenges associated with being a teen.

The young couple had their share of issues but put up a united front during the birth of their baby boy Kasen.

But what happened to the young parents since they taped the show?

Kyla says being a teen mom is hard

The 16 & Pregnant star gave fans an update into her life since becoming a young mom and she admitted that it’s certainly not an easy feat.

“Being a teen mom is very hard when you have to have school, go to work and be a mom,” admitted Kyla. “So just wait before you think being a teen mom is something that you wanna do. Just wait.”

The MTV star says time goes by very fast. Baby Kasen is five months old and Kyla describes his personality as “active and goofy.”

Kyla says her favorite part of being a mom is “being able to wake up with him all the time…I like him being next to me because it just comforts me.”

The teen mom also admitted that it’s not easy co-parenting with boyfriend Jaboire.

“Co -parenting is hard seeing that I mostly do everything on my own,” noted Kyla.

“Me and Jaboire’s relationship right now, we still have some things to work on. We’re not really where we should be right now. But I wanna try to work things out before we result in any other different options,” she explained.

Despite things being rocky with Jaboire, things between Kyla and her mother has improved since the birth of baby Kaysen.

“We can communicate better than what we used to, cause we used to always yell at each other…” admitted the 16 & Pregnant star.

“But now we talk calmly and understand each other more.”

16 and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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