1000-Lb Sisters: Fans are introduced to Tammy Slaton’s husband Caleb Willingham

A close up Facebook collage of Tammy Slaton and her husband Caleb Willingham from 1000-Lb Sisters.
Tammy Slaton introduced her future husband Caleb Willingham to the world on the latest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters. Pic credit: Tammy Slaton/Caleb Willingham/Facebook

Tammy Slaton introduced her new love to the world this week on 1000-Lb Sisters.

Not only did fans meet her future husband, Caleb Willingham, but they also got to watch as Caleb proposed to Tammy while staff and clients cheered him on.

Tammy announced her engagement on social media before informing her family about her new fiancé. The quick engagement shocked her brother and sisters back home in Kentucky.

We learned that Caleb discovered the facility through Tammy’s social media account. Tammy ended up staying longer because of a trach infection, so the meeting seemed fated for the love-struck couple.

Caleb told viewers about his heart-breaking past of losing his parents at a young age and losing control of his health and well-being while he spiraled from grief.

Caleb professed his love and admiration of Tammy and shared how she saved his life when he struggled with a medical emergency and Tammy got him help. Both have lost hundreds of pounds while recovering at the facility.

Tammy Slaton tells viewers she’s never been in love like this before on 1000-Lb Sisters

Although Tammy admitted Caleb wasn’t the type of man she typically dated in the past, she said she has never felt love like she does with Caleb.

In the past, Tammy has had an awful time with relationships and wasn’t happy with her past partners, who didn’t have her best interest in mind.

Caleb seems to care about Tammy’s health and happiness genuinely, and they encourage each other to overcome the addiction to food that nearly killed both of them before entering the rehab facility.

Caleb spoke of goals and a future with Tammy that involved losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle so they could have their own family someday.

Caleb calls Tammy his angel and gushes about her being beautiful to him inside and out. To say he’s smitten would be an understatement.

Tammy often feels chronically lonely and unloved, so Caleb’s devotion may be the medicine she needs to want a better life.

Watch Caleb propose to Tammy:

Tammy Slaton felt betrayed by her family on the last episode of 1000-Lb Sisters

Tammy was supposed to go home six weeks after surgery, but as luck would have it, she had a trach infection, and the home care was too much for her caregivers, her sisters, Amanda, and Amy.

Tammy tearfully expressed disappointment in her family letting her down and not feeling important enough to them.

However, that disappointment changed when she started building a relationship with Caleb.

Time will tell if the couple is truly compatible, but so far, Caleb has seemingly been the perfect partner for Tammy and treats her well. Congratulations to Tammy and Caleb on their engagement and upcoming marriage!

1000-Lb Sisters airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on TLC and streams on Discovery+.

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