Rachel Swindler: Who is the Big Brother 20 houseguest?

Rachel Swindler
Rachel Swindler is set to be a Big Brother 20 houseguest

Rachel Swindler is definitely one of the more interesting choices as a houseguest on Big Brother 20, which is due to start in a little over a week.

While it is unclear if she knows Rachel Reilly, Swindler is also from Las Vegas. She is a performer there and is said to talk a lot about  her “power over men” to get bigger tips.

There has already been some rumbling on social media about Swindler being pegged for a showmance on Big Brother 20. Comparisons between her and Reilly have already begun, with them both being described as totally “Vegas.”

Swindler may be ready to kick off a summer romance, especially if it will further her game.

It is unclear whether or not she is a superfan or if she has just casually watched Big Brother in the past. Swindler has her favorite player listed as Britney Haynes, which is a bit shocking. Being a Vegas performer likely has given her a bit of an athletic edge, but maybe not as much as someone like Kaycee Clark.

Let’s see how far Vegas performer Swindler will get on Big Brother this summer!

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