Project Runway: The Heidi Klum swimsuit edition

Models wearing some example swimsuits ahead of this week's Project Runway challenge
Models wearing some example swimsuits ahead of this week’s Project Runway challenge

On Project Runway it’s sink or swim time for the contestants as they have to design a swimsuit for Heidi Klum’s swimwear line.

Some of the contestants are particularly keen, with Mah-Jing Wong says: “I’m all about the bikinis, all that good stuff on a woman’s body…”


Also prepare for some seriously bizarre footage as we get to see Tim Gunn in swim shorts — and contestant Alex Snyder takes a particular fondness to his legs.

He says: “Tim surprisingly has really great legs. Not surprisingly like ‘Oh my God’, but he has really great legs.”

Meanwhile, Brik finds himself in the deep end when Heidi and Tim raise some concerns about his swimsuit — based on bricks (Doh!) — and the accompanying robe.

But Brik’s not the only one who struggles with the challenge, with creating a swimsuit that’s fresh and new more complex than you could imagine.

The winner will have their design sold as part of Heidi Klum’s swimwear line.

The episode features Lucky Blue Smith as a guest judge.

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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