Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 — premiere date, cancellation, plot, and everything else there is to know

Michael Rainey Jr. on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2.
Is it really the end of the line for Power Book II: Ghost? Pic credit: Starz

The franchise continues to thrive as the Power Universe hits the decade milestone.

The original series concluded violently but fulfillingly, and the universe kept business alive thanks to many spin-offs.

One of those is Power Book II: Ghost, the first to pick up following the end of the original series.

Now that we’re heading into Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, there are many questions about what’s next for the sprawling franchise.

You’re probably wondering when the show returns, what’s about to go down, and whether it will be the final season.

We’ve rounded up everything there is to know.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 will bring the show to a close

Starz stunned fans of Power Book II Ghost in March with the news that the upcoming season will be its last.

“This explosive season of Ghost is a fitting crescendo in a decade of an immensely popular franchise — fans will not be disappointed,” said Kathryn Busby, president of programming at Starz when the news was announced.

“While this marks the conclusion of one chapter, our commitment to the Power Universe endures with more compelling storytelling on the horizon,” she added.

The decision to end the show came out of nowhere, but perhaps the creatives felt like Tariq St. Patrick’s storyline had run its course.

Michel Rainey Jr. appeared in all six seasons of the original Power. When you factor in the four he’s headlined the spin-off, that’s 10.

The premium cable channel has also announced a new show that will chronicle Ghost and Tommy’s earlier days.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan, a prequel delving into Kanan Stark’s formative years, has been a massive success, so it seems Starz is ready to go further into the past.

The latest prequel also comes as Tommy remains prominent in the present timeline with Power Book IV: Force.

Another series, Power Book V: Influence, was also in the works, but the project has yet to come to fruition, and many believe it will not be made.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 cast revealed

The impressive cast of Power Book: II Ghost Season 4 also includes Mary J. Blige (Monet Tejada), Cliff “Method Man” Smith (Davis MacLean), Gianni Paolo (Brayden Weston), Woody McClain (Cane Tejada), Lovell Adams-Gray (Dru Tejada), LaToya Tonodeo (Diana Tejada), Alix Lapri (Effie Morales), Larenz Tate (Rashad Tate), Caroline Chikezie (Noma), Lightskinkeisha (Brushaundria Carmichael), and Michael Ealy (Detective Don Carter).

Given that we’re heading into the final season, we should also expect shocking cameos from the wider Power Universe.

What is Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 about?

“In light of Season Three’s explosive finale, it’s Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden Weston against the world,” the official description for the season reads.

“With new alliances formed in each faction, Tariq and Brayden must find a way back into the game – and a way to insulate themselves from ever being put in the same situation again. But when Brayden starts flirting with a new, reckless lifestyle, Tariq wonders if there really is room for two at the top,” the description reveals.

Then there’s Monet, who is trying to find out the truth about who tried to kill her.

Meanwhile, Davis is “suspended and pending disbarment in the wake of his brother’s death,” but is ready to embrace the “criminal mind of his enterprise,” according to Starz.

Diana and Dru are still trying to find their place in the family business but believe there is another player who could help change their fortune.

With this being the final season, it sounds like things are concluding. We can’t wait to see how it plays out.

When does Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 premiere?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 premieres on Starz on Friday, June 6, but there’s a catch:

The second half of the season premieres on Friday, September 6.

Starz will use the dreaded split-season strategy with the final season, but there’s good news.

Twenty episodes remain, and we’re getting 10 in the summer and then the final 10 in the fall, so things will not be rushed to a finish line.

Instead, we’re getting carefully crafted final arcs for all of these characters before the series says goodbye and leaves the more expansive Power Universe to tell more stories.

Many of the show’s characters could even move on to the other spin-offs.

Starz treats the franchise like AMC treats The Walking Dead by ordering spin-off after spin-off. If it works, it works!

Is there a trailer for Power Book II: Ghost Season 4?

The teaser trailer for Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 teases all the characters preparing for one last chapter.

It doesn’t give much away, so we’ll have to stay tuned for the full-length trailer, which should be coming soon.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 premieres on Starz on Friday, June 6. The second half of the season premieres on Friday, September 6.

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S. Morales
S. Morales
1 month ago

I’m disappointed to read Power Book II is ending this year.