Poker Face Season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything else we know

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie in Poker Face.
Natasha Lyonne as Charlie in Poker Face. Pic credit: Universal

Poker Face was one of the biggest surprises from streaming or television in recent years.

Taking inspiration from shows like Columbo, producer Rian Johnson (alongside glamorous actress Natasha Lyonne) gave us a compelling weekly show involving a character who could solve mysteries just by reading their poker faces.

In the series, the Russian Doll actress starred as Charlie, a wisecracking waitress at a casino who gets caught up in a problematic situation when she discovers the truth about a murder.

This compelling setup sent the character on the run from a mob boss and, in doing so, placed her in the path of other unsuspecting killers week to week.

Light spoilers and impressions ahead. The end of season 1 placed Charlie back on the run as she escapes one murder conspiracy and walks back into another.

The question remains, when can we see the continuation of Poker Face on Peacock?

Here is everything we know about Poker Face Season 2.

Was Poker Face renewed for Season 2? Who might return?

Fans of the series will be happy to know that the show was renewed in February. Peacock confirmed the renewal before the first season ended. A decision that shows confidence by the network.

Poker Face Season 2’s cast should be pretty straightforward. The series mostly centered on Charlie with a wide array of guest stars, and it’s easy to assume Lyonne’s charismatic presence will return as well.

The series concluded with the introduction of a new villain named Beatrix Hasp, played by Rhea Perlman. This setup reset the paradigm for Charlie to get back out on the road and run for her life.

As far as who might return, it’s easy to assume FBI Officer Luca (Simon Helberg) will be of assistance — as he was in the first season. Benjamin Bratt’s annoyed persona as Cliff might make a jailhouse appearance. Nothing is confirmed, but Charlie’s sister Emily (Clea Duvall) might also show up. With the way the series teased their confrontational dynamic towards the end, it seems appropriate for Duvall to reprise her role as the estranged sister.

Speaking to Variety, showrunners Nora and Lilla Zuckerman touched on the casting of Perlman. In the piece, they acknowledge the secondary casting of John Ratzenberger and how it is somewhat a Cheers reunion. The Variety article notes that Ted Danson might be a cast member soon. So, Sam Malone may be in Season 2.

Poker Face Season 2 plot

Because it’s so early, plot details are virtually non-existent. As mentioned, the Season 1 finale set up a new baddie that placed Charlie back on the road. Chances are, it will be the same format, new town, and new villain of the week.

The same Variety article does hint that the show might go international. As Nora Zuckerman calls it, “Le Poker Face.” This hints at a possible overseas mystery to solve. It would be fun to watch Lyonne’s Charlie solve mysteries in Italy.

When will Poker Face Season 2 come out on Peacock?

It’s hard to say, considering filming has not begun on Season 2. One would hope for another January premiere in 2024, but chances are it might be late Spring/early Summer 2024.

Season 1 took six months to film around various locations, such as New York and Nevada. Once a script is penned out and locations are scouted, the Summer of 2024 seems the most feasible for release.

For now, stay tuned at Monsters and Critics for Poker Face season 2 updates.

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