Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray Review

While many series are suffering for staleness by season four, Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season gives fans a reason to keep watching thanks to its slick look, fast pace, and engaging stories that break the characters in new directions.

Person of Interest just continues to get better.
Person of Interest just continues to get better.

With many television shows now having short counts of 6-10 episodes, you have to appreciate Person of Interest’s 22-episode season. Warner Bros. has also done an excellent job of making the Blu-ray set worth the purchase price by adding a wealth of bonus materials for fans of the series.

While trying to stay as spoiler free as possible, Person of Interest: Season Four sees the team still dealing with the effects of Season Three and their uncertain future. They are also faced with being on the run from Samaritan – a second machine more powerful their own thanks to its ever-adapting and always learning artificial intelligence. The team also finds new allies with old enemies and a new rival in the gang known as The Brotherhood.

As always, Person of Interest is anchored by the performances of Caviezel and Emerson, and the quirky chemistry their two characters have. This season also benefits for further expanding on the roles of the other team members Shaw (Shahi), Root (Acker, who is quickly becoming my favorite character on the show) and the always grumpy Kevin Chapman.

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On Blu-ray the series looks and sounds incredible. Person of Interest is a slick series that seems made for Blu-ray’s high definition picture and the format helps sell the high-tech aspects of the show while mixing it with the street look many of the episodes have. In addition to packing all 22-episodes (thank you Warner Bros. for not breaking it into Volume 1 and Volume 2 like so many shows do today), the Blu-ray set comes loaded with bonus features including:

Music of Interest – an inside look at the studio of Composer Ramin Djawadi and his process. It also features show-runners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman discussing scoring sequences and key elements of music themes in the series. Going Underground with Root and Finch – Emerson, Acker and production designer Rick Butler take fans on a tour through the team’s Subway Headquarters. It is always interesting to see the huge amount of work that goes into production design and the way it helps sell each episode. Person of Interest 2014 Comic-Con Panel – a look at the Q&A session the show did at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The panel features Nolan and Plageman along with the series’ stars. Gag Reel – which is always a treat for me when watching these long series.

Person of Interest is a series that continues to get better thanks to clever writing and the show’s high-tech look. It has a great ensemble cast and is perfect for binge-watching one episode after the next.

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