Gods of Egypt Blu-ray review

Gods of Egypt has the needed ingredients to make an epic fantasy film, but gets weighed down by bloated CGI, silly plot elements, and a familiar story. Directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot and The Crow) from a screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (The Last Witch Hunter), Gods of Egypt features a solid

The Finest Hours Blu-ray review

Based on the true story, The Finest Hours features a talented ensemble cast and enough suspense to keep you hooked on the incredible story of survival. The film features a multi-layered plot to give the audience a rich story to enjoy rather than just another sinking ship drama. Based on The Finest Hours: The True

Scream: The TV Series – The Complete First Season DVD review

The Scream franchise finds new life with the DVD release of the first season from the MTV series adaptation. Although the season is a tad light on scares, the makers of the show make sure the gore lives up to what Scream fans expect and the writing has plenty of opportunity to tease the horror

No Escape Blu-ray Review

Thanks to a fast pace and a gritty film style, No Escape manages to hook the audience in the opening moments and keep them on the edge of their seats. Owen Wilson and Lake Bell deliver intense performances as parents pushed to the edge to keep their children alive in a world gone insane. Directed

The Following – The Third and Final Season Blu-ray Review

Thanks to a chilling performance from Michael Ealy, The Following finishes its television run with a strong storyline and leaves open the chance for a return at some point. The Following – The Third and Final Season arrives on Blu-ray featuring all 15 episodes from the season and a wealth of bonus material to take

The 100 – The Complete Second Season DVD Review

The 100 – The Complete Second Season grips the audience in the opening moments of the first episode and doesn’t let go until the cliffhanger teasing Season Three. The season pushes all of the characters to the breaking point and many don’t survive to the final episode. The second season arrives on DVD featuring a

Reign: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Although it may not be the most historically accurate show on television, Reign’s second season does an excellent job of keeping viewers hooked on the series thanks to ensemble cast and various storylines – which sees almost every character dealing with some form of romance and heartache. Reign: The Complete Second Season collects all 22

TV on Blu-ray Review: Supernatural, Gotham, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

Warner Home Video has given fans new seasons of several hit television series perfect for binge-watching with the release of Supernatural – The Complete Tenth Season, Gotham – The Complete First Season, The Vampire Diaries – The Complete Sixth Season, and The Originals – The Complete Second Season. Loaded with an impressive episode count and

TV on DVD Review: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans

CBS Productions is making sure fans have plenty to love and hours to spend binge watching one of its greatest franchises thanks to the Blu-ray and DVD releases of NCIS: Season 12, NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 6, and NCIS: New Orleans: Season 1. NCIS: Season 12 – The hit CBS series 12th season finds the

Grey’s Anatomy: Complete Eleventh Season DVD Review

Grey’s Anatomy shakes things up for its eleventh season by continuing to expand on its new characters, saying goodbye to long-time characters, and making sure there is time enough for some medicine between all the doctor romances. All 24 episodes of season 11 are collected in a DVD set that also comes loaded with bonus