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PEN15 and Big Mouth have a crossover in Season 4 and we’re here for it

Big Mouth Season 4 on Netflix
Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Erskine, and Anna Konkle voice Nick, Andrew, Izzy, and Misha in Big Mouth Season 4. Pic credit: Netflix

Big Mouth Season 4 premiered on Netflix on December 4 and fans have been talking about Episode 4, titled Cafeteria Girls.

PEN15’s Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine guest star in the episode. Although it features the girls from Hulu’s PEN15, it is not officially a Big Mouth/PEN15 crossover because Konkle and Erskine did not play their characters from PEN15.

However, because the characters that Konkle and Erskine played were obviously similar to their PEN 15 characters, fans have been describing the episode as a Big Mouth/PEN15 crossover.

Many fans took to Twitter to enthuse over the episode.

“Losing my mind at the Big Mouth Pen15 crossover,” one fan tweeted.

“Oh my God What OMG… The PEN15 girls are on the new season of Big Mouth,” another fan tweeted.

Nick and Andrew are single in eight grade

On their first day in eighth grade, Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andrew (John Mulaney) find that they are the only single members of their class. So, Andrew gets a light-bulb moment.

He suggests to Nick that they could hit on seventh-grade girls. Andrew thinks it’s a great idea because seventh-grade girls are “young,” “nubile,” and “gettable.”

Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine voice seventh-grade girls Izzy and Misha

PEN15’s Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine voice two seventh-grade girls, Izzy (Konkle) and Misha (Erskine). The episode introduces them as Cafeteria Girls.

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Although the characters that Konkle and Erskine play in the episode are not the same as their characters in Hulu’s PEN15, the similarity is glaring.

Anna Konkle’s character Izzy is similar to the awkward seventh-grader Anna Kone that she plays in PEN15. Maya Erskine’s character Misha is also similar to the seventh-grader Maya Ishii-Peters that she plays in PEN15.

Nick and Andrew hit on the Cafeteria Girls

The Cafeteria Girls, Izzy and Misha, are having lunch at the cafeteria when the boys spot them. Nick makes a move on Misha because he would rather take on a girl smaller than him.

He leaves Andrew with no choice but to go for Izzy.

After deploying cringeworthy pick-up lines, the boys ask the girls out on a Starbucks date.

After their Starbucks date, they go to Nick’s house for a “classic eighth-grade makeout party.”

The girls prove to be a handful for the clueless boys and after convening a hasty conference in the washroom, they decide to switch.

The Cafeteria Girls take over the show

The show breaks the fourth wall toward the end of the show after the boys decided to switch places so that Nick pairs with Izzy while Andrew takes his place with Misha.

When the girls object, Nick declares they can do whatever they like because it’s their show. But the girls insist that the show is not Big Mouth but their show, Cafeteria Girls.

It turns out that the girls are right. Izzy tells the film crew to turn on the lights. The lights reveal that the show is being filmed in a studio with a live audience.

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The intro song for the girls’ show Cafeteria Girls plays and the boys realize it isn’t their show after all.

Big Mouth Season 4 is streaming on Netflix

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