Peaky Blinders Season 6 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Peaky Blinders on the BBC and Netflix
Peaky Blinders is returning for Season 6 but fans want to know the exact date. Pic credit: BBC

Fans are looking forward to Peaky Blinders returning for Season 6 with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as the leader of Birmingham’s most feared gangster family after the Season 5 ended on BBC One in September 2019.

Netflix users have also been asking when Season 6 will be available for streaming after Season 5 dropped in October.

The BAFTA TV Award-winning crime drama series, set in Birmingham, England, proved to be a hit with fans since it first premiered on BBC Two in October 2013.

Fans have been clamoring for more after Season 5 ended with a cliffhanger.

Viewers can’t wait to find out what is next for Shelby after he pointed a gun at his head and appeared ready to pull the trigger on himself.

Here is everything you need to know about Peaky Blinders Season 6, including release date, cast update, and plot.

Is there going to be a Season 6 of Peaky Blinders?

Show creator Steven Knight confirmed back in May 2018 that the series will return for Season 6 and that Cillian Murphy and other members of the main cast will be reprising his roles.

“We are definitely doing [season] six and we will probably do seven,” he told the BBC. “We’ve talked to Cillian Murphy and he’s all for it, and the rest of the principal cast are in for it.”

He later told the BBC in December 2019 that they had completed work on the script for Peaky Blinders Season 6.

“I’ve just finished writing series six and it’s the best yet,” he said.

Show star Emmett J. Scanlan, who plays Billy Grade, confirmed in a recent interview with Digital Spy that he has seen the script for the next season and described it as “so f*****g good.”

Season 5 director Anthony Byrne also took to Instagram in January 2020 to confirm that Season 6 was in pre-production.

“We are in pre-production on Season 6. More to come. By Order of…”

Peaky Blinders Season 6
Pic credit: @antobyrne75/Instagram

News that Peaky Blinders will return for Season 6 did not come as a surprise. Fans had assumed it was coming after Season 5 ended with a dramatic cliffhanger.

The series still has lots of questions to answer after its five-season run, during which we followed the Shelby family’s crime organization as it spread its tentacles across Britain.

Release date latest: When is Peaky Blinders Season 6 likely to come out?

Fans had hoped that Peaky Blinders Season 6 would premiere in the fall of 2020. But in March 2020, the showrunners had to delay filming after the coronavirus pandemic started.

The ongoing pandemic means that fans may have to wait a little longer than previously expected to see Season 6.

We might not have to wait too long after BBC and other top U.K. broadcasters announced that they were planning to implement new coronavirus safety measures that will allow them to return to production earlier than previously planned.

While it is unlikely Season 6 will premiere anytime in 2020, we hope it will arrive sometime in 2021.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 cast updates

The casting for Peaky Blinders Season 6 has not yet been confirmed, but fans can expect Cillian Murphy to reprise his role as Tommy Shelby.

Other main cast members expected to reprise their respective roles include Harry Kirton as Finn Shelby, Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, and Sophie Rundle as Ada Throne.

Others likely to return in the upcoming season include Natasha O’Keeffe as Lizzie, Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden, Ian Peck as Curly, Benjamin Zephaniah as Jimmy Jesus, Ned Dennehy as Uncle Charlie, Packy Lee as Johnny Dogs.

Helen McCrory could also return in Season 6 as Aunt Polly, Sam Claflin as Oswald Mosley, Alfie Solomon as Tom Hardy, and Brian Gleeson as Jimmy McCavern.

Annabelle Wallis, who plays Shelby’s late wife Grace, could also return after her appearance in Season 5 as a ghost of the dead character.

Wallis took to Twitter in May with a message to fans that her character still “has some unfinished business.”

Wallis’ character was murdered in Season 3 of the series.

Peaky Blinders Twitter
Pic credit: @WallisAnnabelle/Twitter

Director Anthony Byrne also told Digital Spy that fans could expect a new female character in Peaky Blinders Season 6 who would give Tommy “a run for his money.”

Byrne explained that the character would have an ideology similar to Oswald Mosley’s, but he did not reveal who will be playing the character.

What is the series about?

Peaky Blinders follows a Birmingham crime family known as the Peaky Blinders and their leader Tommy Shelby in the years after the Great War in 1918.

Winston Churchill sends Major Chester Campbell (Sam Neill), a detective with the Royal Irish Constabulary, to deal with the menace of the gangsters and criminals and restore order in Birmingham.

But in subsequent seasons, we see the family’s crime organization grow, and their influence extends beyond Birmingham to other parts of the country and later internationally.

Tommy is eventually elected as a Member of Parliament.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 plot

Peaky Blinders is expected to pick up where Season 6 left off after the emergence of the fascist leader Oswald Mosley.

According to director Byrne, the first episode of Season 6 will return to the scene where Shelby points a gun at his head.

“… the very first image you will see will be back in that field… Tommy, with a gun to his head. Then, we will move on from there, we resolve that amazing moment…”

The upcoming season will also answer many questions from Season 5, such as what is next for Tommy after the failed plan to assassinate Mosley and the fate of Billy Grade.

The upcoming season will also reveal what is next for Arthur and Polly after the death of Aberama Gold, played by Aidan Gillen.

Byrne also denied fan theories that the woman Mosley was shown having sex with was Michael’s American wife, Gina, played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

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