Patrice Endres on Unsolved Mysteries: Here are some of the most interesting Reddit theories about the case

Patrice Endres on Unsolved Mysteries: Here are some of the most interesting Reddit theories about the case
Patrice Endres on Unsolved Mysteries. Pic credit: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries is back after years off the air, and it is one of the best new shows on Netflix in July.

One of the cases that a lot of people are interested in is the death of Patrice Endres on the episode called 13 Minutes.

Here is what you need to know about the case, and Reddit users believe they know what happened.

Patrice Endres on Unsolved Mysteries

Patrice Endres died in 2004 or 2005, and the case was never solved.

Endres was the owner of a hair salon. Her disappearance in 2004 happened in only 13 minutes, explaining the title of the episode. She got a phone call at 11:37 am and then did not answer when someone called at 11:50.

No one knew where she went or had any leads into what happened to her for 600 days. That is when her body was found on Dec. 6, 2005, although it was human remains, and no one knew it was her until testing was completed.

Her wedding ring was missing and has still never been found.

There are no suspects. Two men were suspected, both serial killers, and one of them even confessed to it, but it later turned out he was lying.

There was also a woman who claimed to see a white van, but also recanted the information and was charged with providing false statements.

So, what happened to Patrice Endres?

Reddit users talk Patrice Endres

The men people spoke to in the episode were her husband Rob Endres and her son Pistol.

Both men said they want the mystery solved, but they had a falling out. Rob threw the 15-year-old Pistol out of the house after Patrice disappeared.

So, here is what Reddit users think happened.

Of course, one of the biggest theories is that Rob killed his wife. There were comments in the episode that she wanted to leave him, so that is suspicious.

Reddit user zeppelin1023 pointed out that he said that she was kept alive as a “play thing,” making it seem like he knew more than anyone else.

Another Reddit user desertcrowcoyote mentioned that Rob changed the locks on the house so Pistol could not come back, alleging that Rob was hiding the body in their home.

Another user named ohholybatgirl pointed out that Rob demanded to keep her ashes and refused to allow Pistol to see them.

“Her ashes are sitting in their original casing in cardboard box (!!!) at the bottom of his closet! Not the actions of a loving husband…this is completely about possession.”

There is also the suspicion by several users in one thread that Rob hired someone to murder his wife.

“As soon as he started bragging about a time stamp on a receipt, I knew he was behind it. He hired someone to come in and ask for a jump, then kidnap and kill her.”

In the Netflix episode, Special Agent Mitchell Posey said the case was still open. There is more information they did not allow to become public knowledge for Unsolved Mysteries because it is what they hope will one day help them catch the real killer.

Unsolved Mysteries is currently streaming on Netflix

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3 years ago

I just watched this episode. It had to be a tense life for her with Pistol and Rob hating each other SO MUCH! Pistol didn’t want to share his mom and Rob didn’t want to share his wife. Rob’s reaction to a lot of things was…creepy. I don’t think he killed her, but I think he might know who did!