Paris Jackson and Margaret Cho join Hulu’s Sex Appeal cast

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson joins Hulu’s American High Sex Appeal cast. Pic credit: Hulu

Paris Jackson was a child when her famous father Michael Jackson passed away too soon, at age 50, back in 2009. Now she is adding more roles to her acting resume, and Hulu has announced she is joining the Sex Appeal cast, produced by American High.

Now at 23, Jackson’s acting career sees another interesting film role added to her credits. Paris Jackson has joined comic, author, producer, and actor Margaret Cho in rounding out the cast of Hulu’s upcoming teen comedy, Sex Appeal.

Actors Fortune Feimster, Skai Jackson, and Rebecca Henderson are also cast in the film.

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About Sex Appeal for Hulu

Written by Tate Hanyok and directed by Talia Osteen, Sex Appeal is the fifth production between Hulu and production company American High. Production on the comedy is now happening in Syracuse, NY.

Sex Appeal features Mika Abdalla as Avery, a high school overachiever who plans to take her relationship with her faraway boyfriend (Jake Short) to the STEM conference, kiddingly referred to as the “nerd prom.”

This film is produced by Jeremy Garelick, Will Phelps, and Ryan Bennett for American High, Mark Fasano and Tobias Weymar for Nickel City, and Kendrick Tan for Lit Entertainment.

Paris Jackson is a superstar

The spotlight has been on Paris her whole life. After her traumatic loss, she has steadily sought interesting acting roles, appearing in the 2018 Charlize Theron film, Gringo, and on MTV’s Scream.

She stars in the film, Habit, in which she is cast as a street-smart girl with a Jesus Christ fetish.

Musically she also was influenced by her late father, Michael Jackson, and spoke to model Naomi Campbell at length about her debut solo album on the YouTube series No Filter with Naomi.

Paris Jackson on her new album, modeling career, and passion for music | Filter with Naomi

Margaret Cho joins the Sex Appeal mix

Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho, seen in 30 Rock, Law & Order SVU, and her own 2008 series The Cho Show, is also cast in the film.

Cho recently gave The Guardian an interview where she detailed her suicide attempt and asked people to help her spread the word about ending Asian hate crimes throughout the world.

She said, “My sense of humor probably saved me from dying.” Going on to say, “You can’t really shut that part of you off, because humor is really hope. Humor and laughter is the intake of breath, which is the preservation of the body for the next moment … at your darkest moments; it’s actually the thing that shines the brightest. I’m really grateful for it and I’m really grateful I got to live.”

The Sex Appeal Logline

“Avery Hansen-White doesn’t do things she isn’t excellent at. So when her long-distance boyfriend hints at wanting to take their relationship to the next level at the upcoming STEM conference (“nerd prom”), she sets out to master her sexuality. In this hilarious teen comedy, Avery begins to study the mechanics of love and realizes that relationships require less science and more heart.”.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Sex Appeal marks the fifth Hulu Original film from American High following Big Time Adolescence, The BingeThe Ultimate Playlist of Noise, and the upcoming Plan B, which is set to be released this summer.

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