Paranormal Lockdown fans get excited: Nick Groff drops massive teasers for Season 3

Nick Groff, Rob Saffi and Katrina Weidman
Paranormal Lockdown stars Nick Groff, Rob Saffi and Katrina Weidman. Pic: @NickGroff_/Twitter

If you’re a Paranormal Lockdown fan then it’s time to get excited — as Nick Groff has dropped two massive teasers suggesting Season 3 is just around the corner.

There has not yet been an official announcement about a third season, but Nick hinted at it being on the horizon in two recent posts on Twitter.

The first showed a picture of him, co-star Katrina Weidman and a tree silhouetted against a haunting yellow sky, with the words ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ emblazoned across the top.

Nick wrote alongside it: “#ParanormalLockdown stay tuned…”

Nick, who has been starring in Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Destination America over the summer, also dropped another massive hint, suggesting filming for Paranormal Lockdown is currently taking place.

It came in another tweet where he posted a picture of him and Katrina with Paranormal Lockdown cameraman and theme-song creator Rob Saffi.

The photograph was taken as Rob celebrated his birthday, and Nick revealed that the trio had spent it in lockdown at an undisclosed haunted location.

Paranormal Lockdown sees the team spend 72 straight hours inside each of the locations they visit as they look for signs of paranormal activity. So the one in the pic could well be one that features in the new series.

Season 1 of Paranormal Lockdown aired on Destination America while the second season aired on TLC.

Last season included some massive finds from the team including them capturing chilling voices at Bellaire House in Ohio, taking a terrifying trip to Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and get responses from spirits using a dybbuk box.

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