Outlander recap: Claire admits that honesty is not always the best policy

Caitriona Balfe stars as Claire Fraser
Caitriona Balfe stars as Claire Fraser. Pic credit: Starz

In this episode of Outlander, we get flashbacks. Except, of course, these actually flash forward in time.

All this talk of how people can die from allergies to penicillin feels a little foreboding to me. However, by episode end, it actually not as serious as it first seems.

Rather, it is a reminder for Claire (Caitriona Balfe) that one man’s death is all it took to bring her back to Jamie (Sam Heughan).

Jamie kills a man

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of Outlander, Jamie finally arrives in Hillsborough and is greeted with some surprising news. Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) has decided to pardon the Regulators.

Before Jamie can settle into the notion that his godfather will be safe once more, Jamie’s true identity concerning Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) may be revealed.

Additionally, Murtagh is the only one not getting a pardon. It’s an ingenious plan, I suppose, giving people their freedom but also maybe receiving the opportunity to dob in Murtaugh’s location.

Jamie is tasked with telling all the Regulators that they are receiving “Get out of Jail” cards. Lt. Knox (Michael Xavier), on the other hand, will be tasked with hunting down Murtaugh, and that annoys Jamie.

However, Jamie manages to be in the right place at the right time when Knox receives the jail list.

After much talk of how they are friends, Jamie finally blurts out that he’s on the list and that Murtaugh is his godfather. Knox is shocked and wants him arrested. Because, no matter where Jamie goes, he always seems to wind up arrested or on the run for something.

Considering he is going down, Jamie actually kills the guy rather than get arrested for supporting his godfather.

Yes, Jamie just did cold-blooded murder to save his own a*s, and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. He then covers up the crime and sneaks out the window.

It’s at this point we finally get to meet that gorgeous kitten that has featured during filming on Outlander social media accounts.

As Variety points out, TV fans had to wait a bit longer than book fans for the cutie little ball of fluff as he turns up a little earlier in the book on which Season 5 is based.

Jamie then returns home, presenting Claire with the kitten rather than telling her that he just murdered a man.

Claire saves some people

While Jamie has been away, Claire has finally developed penicillin and is ready to perform surgery on the Beardsley twins.

As to be expected, surgery time is always a gross occasion on Outlander. However, everything goes well.

Roger (Richard Rankin) also finds the jewel given to Brianna (Sophie Skelton) from Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). He confronts Brianna about it, and it all gets lost in translation, especially considering Brianna hadn’t told him earlier.

They argue, and Roger takes off for a while.

Luckily for him, Claire comes on by and gives him a pep talk about how sometimes honesty is not the best policy in marriage, and Roger eventually agrees.

Going home, he apologizes to Brianna, and it’s now that Brianna reveals that Bonnet is still alive and in the area.

Roger just wants to say f*ck, but he’s too much of a gentleman.

He then reassures Brianna that it doesn’t matter because as soon as they know that Jemmy can go through the stones that they’re out of there. They hug, but Brianna is totally not okay with leaving her parents behind.

So, they are still keeping secrets from each other.

Outlander Season 5 returns with Episode 5 on Sunday, March 22, at 8/7c on Starz.

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