Outlander recap: The one in which we discover whiskey isn’t the answer to everything

Sam Heughan as Jaime and Caitriona Balfe as Claire
Sam Heughan as Jaime and Caitriona Balfe as Claire. Pic credit: Starz

In last week’s episode of Outlander, there were dramas with the Bearsley family. In this week’s episode, we move onto Brownsville and yet another family drama.

Luckily, for viewers who were not a huge fan of the Stephen King-esque episode, there was no torture or maggots, just a love triangle, and one very angry family.

So, Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and niece of Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) are the leaders in Brownsville and also the ones that the town is named after.

However, complications arose once it was discovered that one of Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) men, Isaiah Morton (Jon Tarcy), had an affair with Alicia Brown (Anna Burnett), who is also the daughter of Lionel. This has caused all sorts of grief because not only has Lionel lost out on a decent dowry promised by Alicia’s actual betrothed, but the affair was illicit and now she is tarnished goods.

What Alicia is not telling anyone is that she is also pregnant with Isaiah.

However, Once Claire (Caitriona Balfe) turned up, that magic mechanism that seems to turn every time she is around strangers kicked in and Alicia spilled her guts as soon as she could.

There was also a massive shoot-up in the town, though, thanks to the Browns wanting to murder Isaiah. Roger (Richard Rankin) tried to fix the big old mess while he waited for Jaime and Claire to turn up.

Even though whiskey seems like a pretty good fix-it-all, it turns out he was entirely wrong. He made matters worse and even lost some of his own men in the process of trying to negotiate with the Browns.

So, if Roger was thinking he could make Jamie like him more, he is sorely mistaken. When Jamie does arrive and gives Roger a dressing down, it was discovered that Isaiah just can’t up and marry Alicia because he is already married to another.

Isaiah was taken into custody during the previous episode of Outlander. However, considering everyone is drunk on whiskey, Jamie walked right in and untied Isaiah. He told him to hike it and not be seen in Brownsville again.

Isaiah did flee, but thinks better of it, and returns later in the episode. It is there that Jamie discovered that Isaiah’s original marriage is a loveless one and that the poor boy really does love Alicia.

Meanwhile, Claire was tending to some of Alicia’s self-inflicted wounds, after the girl discovered that Isaiah was already married. Not wanting to live a life without him, she decided she would rather die. And, just as Claire seemed to be getting through to her, Jamie brought Isaiah into the room and things were sorted out. Because, what is this show without impossible love?

An escape plan was hatched after that and Isaiah and Alicia snuck out of town in the midst of some confusion involving escaping horses and a goat.

During all of that, Claire was left holding Fanny Bearsley’s (Bronwyn James) baby. As soon as she arrived in Brownstown, she hunted down a wet nurse and found Lucinda (Muireann Brown), a woman who had lost her own baby through a premature birth. After many discussions, including a moment when Jamie suggested they keep the child so that they can have a chance to play parents together and in the same time zone for once, it was decided that Lucinda would be the best candidate for the job.

Claire also discovered that her notes on better health and hygiene have been accidentally printed in a newspaper and that she needs to return home with Josiah (Paul Gorman) and his twin brother, Keziah (also Paul Gorman), in order to perform tonsillectomies on them.

Meanwhile, back at Fraser’s Ridge, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) was sure that Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is tracking her down and wanting to take her son, Jemmy. She has good reason to believe this too, as Mrs. Bug (Sarah Collier) was given a coin by an Irish dude who is probably totally Bonnet.

Viewers will need to wait until the next episode of Outlander to find out whether Bonnet will track down Brianna to Fraser’s Ridge.

Outlander Season 5 returns with Episode 5 on Sunday, March 15, at 8/7c on Starz.

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