OutDaughtered Season 5: When will the show return to TLC?

Adam and Danielle Busby in the OutDaughtered confessional
Adam and Danielle Busby will be bringing OutDaughtered back soon. Pic credit: TLC

OutDaughtered has been in limbo since the season ended back in October. The Busby family has been good about keeping fans updated on their journey, but recently, the frequency of their posts changed.

What is going on with the Busby family?

It is likely that the OutDaughtered stars are filming with TLC right now and their posting availability may be limited due to contract limitations.

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At the same time, Adam and Danielle Busby always have something going on between the girls and work, it isn’t too shocking that they have limited time for sharing.

When will Season 5 of OutDaughtered premiere?

If everything follows suit with the way previous seasons have gone, Season 5 of OutDaughtered may be here sooner than expected.

Viewers are expecting the Busby family to be back on TLC sometime in July. Depending on the number of episodes taped, the show should run through the end of September or the very beginning of October.

Last season, OutDaughtered was airing episodes that were filmed nearly a year prior. There was a lot of talk about what happened with Mimi and the family as they went through the holidays following the hurricane.

Season 4 was one of the more emotional seasons for the family as a whole, only beaten out by the birth itself and the first few months of the quints’ lives.

What can viewers expect from Season 5 of OutDaughtered?

With the Busby girls growing up, there are plenty of milestones that they will be hitting. Adam and Danielle have gone on vacation with their brood of eight, leaving many viewers in awe of the OutDaughtered couple.

Their memories are being caught on camera in a unique way. Each time the Busby quints return, there is more they have learned. With the girls talking and turning into little girls instead of toddlers, the OutDaughtered family is keeping busy.

OutDaughtered is expected to return to TLC in summer 2019.

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