No, Paradise PD erotic fan art doesn’t actually exist

Promotional still from Paradise PD.
Characters Gina Jabowski and Gerald Fitzgerald from Paradise PD. Pic credit: Netflix

There has been a strange influx in people searching for Paradise PD erotic fan art — but why?

This animated Netflix series has been airing since 2018. It features the voice performance of the actor Sarah Chalke, best known for playing Elliot Reid in Scrubs and voicing Beth Smith in Rick and Morty. It also stars Tom Kenny, the voice actor behind many Nickelodeon favorites like Spongebob, CatDog (Dog) and Powerpuff Girls (mayor and narrator). 

Why is everybody suddenly searching for erotic fan art? 

It would be slightly misguided to insist that erotic fan art of Paradise PD doesn’t exist as it probably does in more niche areas of the internet, however it doesn’t dominate the fan base and a simple Google search will not result in easy finds. 

People have been looking for it after a quick joke seen in the latest season of Paradise PD which aired on March 12. In Season 3, Episode 17, titled “Blind Drunk,” police coworkers Gina Jabowski and Kevin Crawford are having a conversation about relationships.

Kevin tells Gina that he has a Canadian girlfriend named Maple Moose Hockey Beaver-Syrup. Smooth, right? The ever-skeptical and persuading Gina presses him on the topic and says, “Kevin, is this just a sad attempt to make me jealous because you have some kind of crush on me?”

She insists, “Everybody has a crush on me. Have you not googled Paradise PD erotic fan art?” 

This comment has unleashed a high number of people searching for the fan art mentioned in the episode. But, whether the raunchy fan art is actually in demand or is just the result of curious minds is still up for debate.

Well, does it exist? 

Doing a simple Google search does not result in any related results— aside from general articles on Paradise PD and a few sketchy links. It brings Tumblr tag pages and Rebubble fan-generated merchandise to the forefront. 

Looking through the fan art tags across some of the biggest fan gathering websites; Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit all resort in mostly-PG finds.

However, will the episode reference lead to Paradise PD erotic fan art being made? Who knows. 

The adult animation series Paradise PD comes from the same creators as Brinkleberry and it follows “a backwater Southern-fried, small-town police department.” It has three parts with a total of 30, half an hour episodes. 

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Paradise PD is currently streaming on Netflix.