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Nikki Simpson from Ink Master Angels: Age, bio and everything you need to know!

Nikki Simpson from Ink Master Angels
Nikki Simpson from Ink Master: Angels, who started tattooing when she was 19

Nikki Simpson is one of the uber-talented women to star on Ink Master: Angels.

The Angels have made quite a name for themselves with their own Ink Master spinoff where they travel city to city looking for the best tattooists they can find.

Once a few talented artists are chosen, they face off to see who is the best. In the end, the winner gets to challenge one of the Angels to a tattoo-off to see whose work comes out top. It’s like the tattoo version of Iron Chef America.

Nikki Simpson has become a stand out in the tattooing world and on Ink Master: Angels as the show works its way through Season 2.

Nikki is a 26-year old tattooist from Los Angeles who has been proving herself to be one of the best since she was first featured on Ink Master.

Much of Nikki’s work is shown off on Instagram, where she has built up more nearly 170,000 followers. She shows off quite a bit of black and white ink work, clearly something that she is great at.

While Nikki has been drawing her whole life, she started tattooing when she was just 19. Prior to finding fame on Season 8 of Ink Master, she worked at Generation8 in Los Angeles.

During her time on Ink Master, she bonded with three other women who were competing against her. Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty, and Gia Rose — who has recently been battling health issues — worked with her to change the way competitors sparred with each other on the hit tattoo reality series.

Their bond grew into an idea for a new show and that’s how Ink Master: Angels came about.

Watch an Ink Master: Angels clip about Nikki Simpson below!

Ink Master: Angels airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Paramount Network.