Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker are cooking up a new mystery for Hallmark

Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach in The Perfect Catch
Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach in the movie The Perfect Catch. Both the stars are sharing behind-the-scenes looks at a new mystery they are making for Hallmark. Pic credit: Crown Media

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker have been sharing photos from the set of their new Hallmark mystery movie, which has a working title of Dying For Chocolate.

“Been loving this gig, so thankful I get to play this character,” Walker wrote in an Instagram post. “Going to be a fun one for you all to watch! Detective Tom Schultz. @hallmarkmovie @hallmarkchannel #dyingforchocolate.”

Crown Media has released a few details on the film. DeLoach shared a post on her Instagram that showed her and Walker under a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries banner with a headline that read, “Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker are reunited on ‘The Curious Caterer.’”

“And it feels so good!” DeLoach wrote in the caption. “This one is for you, Sleuthers!”

From the names of the characters Walker and DeLoach reference in their posts, it appears that the movie is based on the 1992 book Dying For Chocolate by Dianne Mott Davidson. The second in her Goldy Schulz series, the book follows single mother and caterer Goldy Bear as she investigates the suspicious death of a friend with the help of local police officer Tom Schultz.

Both DeLoach and Walker use the hashtag “Dying for Chocolate” in their posts, and IMDB lists a movie of the same name starring the pair with a release date of April 10, 2022.

Hallmark cancels some of its ongoing mysteries

Hallmark has drawn the ire of fans recently for canceling some of its ongoing mystery series. In December, actress Kellie Martin told fans on social media that the network had dropped her Hailey Dean Mysteries series. Danica McKellar told fans she would not be back in the Matchmaker Mysteries.

“They decided to stop making them last summer,” she wrote in a tweet. “Let them know how you feel; I’d love to make more mysteries — a lot of us would.”

Hallmark has continued to release movies in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. The network also debuted a new series with the movie Cut, Color, Murder, which debuted on February 6.

Behind the scenes of Nikki DeLoach and

Both Walker and DeLoach have posted photos of themselves on the set of the movie.

“Having a tough time finding chemistry with this one,” Walker wrote.

In another post, DeLoach showed off the layers she was wearing to keep warm while they were filming.

“If you wanted to know what I’m wearing under all my clothes during night filming in Canada in February… two thermals, two pairs of tights, and a pair of Lululemon’s… also, I’m still freezing,” she wrote.

This is the fourth movie the pair have made together for Hallmark. They also starred in Sweet Autumn, The Perfect Catch, and A Dream of Christmas.

Hallmark has not given a premiere date for Dying For Chocolate. An IMDB listing for the movie indicates it will be released on April 10, 2022.

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Maria Betancourt
Maria Betancourt
2 years ago

Antonio Cayenne should be the love interest in more Hallmark movies, he’s the one we women want to lust over. Dying for chocolate!? Yes! Pepper it up with some Cayonne! Seriously!