New Amsterdam spinoff in the works: What’s it about?

Ryan Eggold on New Amsterdam.
Ryan Eggold may not be on the New Amsterdam spinoff. Pic credit: NBC

The New Amsterdam universe could expand; this time, a familiar face will be at the wheel.

Deadline reports that a sequel series has entered development at NBC, a year after the original series wrapped its five-season run.

The project would center on Dr. Max Goodwin’s (Ryan Eggold) daughter, Luna Goodwin.

At the time of the series finale in January 2023, there were no plans to keep the franchise alive. Still, the episode did introduce a tag for a sequel in the form of an adult Luna (Molly Griggs) taking over her father’s role as Medical Director of New Amsterdam Hospital.

Now, it seems NBC is interested in making New Amsterdam: Tomorrow a reality. The key difference from the original is that it would be set in the future.

Fans watched for years as Max tried to fight a broken system, but in the future, the doctors would have access to artificial intelligence to help advance the medical industry.

Will Luna follow in her father’s footsteps?

After witnessing what her father went through, we’re sure Luna would take much of that into account throughout her post as she ushers the hospital into the next generation.

Griggs was introduced in the series finale of New Amsterdam, and fans were left to ponder her connection to any of the characters until one of the final scenes.

It’s unclear if the actress will return for the offshoot or if the role will be recast, but no talent is attached, not even Eggold.

It’s hard to imagine the show not featuring flashbacks to what happened to young Luna that made her want to follow in her father’s footsteps, so the key to success will probably be flashbacks.

New Amsterdam got a second life on streaming

Low ratings in its final seasons plagued the original New Amsterdam, but it always had a strong digital footprint and recently got a big boost after debuting on Netflix.

It’s no Suits, but the numbers have clearly been strong enough to get producers thinking about the next chapter.

Sadly, the original series was also plagued with controversial storylines during its last seasons, including removing Freema Agyeman’s Helen from the show.

The series had lost many of its fans by the time it ended, but with the streaming effect on the show, perhaps New Amsterdam: Tomorrow could carve out some success.

If it airs on NBC, it will be in good company: Fellow streaming hit Suits is getting a spinoff at the network called Suits: LA.

New Amsterdam is currently available to stream on Netflix and Peacock.

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