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NCIS return date: Short break before shocking episode

Murray NCIS
Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

After Tuesday night, it will be several weeks before the next new episode of NCIS.

CBS has revealed the NCIS return date, though, so fans don’t have to be worried about when the cast might be back on the small screen.

A new episode airs on Tuesday, November 26. The episode is called IRL and it will find Special Agent Gibbs in an unfamiliar role. It could also bring out some humor before the holidays.

Following the episode on Tuesday night, the show will go on a bit of a hiatus, with rebroadcasts of prior episodes filling the time slot. FBI and NCIS: New Orleans will also take part in the same Thanksgiving break for the network.

NCIS Season 17 return date

As for when the next all-new episode of NCIS will air this fall, that is going to fall on Tuesday, December 17. That’s a long break, but it is going to foreshadow another break.

After the show returns for Episode 10, it then takes another break until returning in 2020.

There is some good news hidden within that long wait, though, as Cote de Pablo will be back as Ziva David. She is going to guest star, not only in the fall finale of the show but also in the winter premiere taking place in January.

This means that the drama is going to be taken to another level again, much like when she reappeared for the first two episodes of Season 17. It also further explains why there is going to be an episode like the one shown on November 26, where it will be slow-paced and have characters getting in touch with softer emotions.

As many fans can already guess, the fall finale is going to end on a cliffhanger. It wouldn’t be a season of NCIS if there wasn’t some drama for fans to think about during the winter hiatus. Expect CBS to tease viewers with an intriguing preview for Episode 10 and then several more plugs as the date grows closer.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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