NCIS: Origins cast adds Longmire star to play Gibbs’ dad

Mark Harmon up close
Mark Harmon starred as Gibbs for years on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Origins cast added another big piece of the puzzle.

An announcement was made that the producers added someone to play Gibbs’ dad – and they made a great choice.

The new show from the NCISverse is set in 1991, telling early stories from NCIS that revolve around Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Mike Franks.

Mark Harmon played Gibbs on NCIS, but the younger version of the character will be played by someone new.

Some NCIS fans felt that Mark Harmon’s son (Sean Harmon) could do the role, especially with how well he played a younger Gibbs in flashback episodes of NCIS.

Actor Austin Stowell is now playing Gibbs, which might be hard for some NCIS fans to accept.

NCIS: Origins cast adds another piece

Robert Taylor has joined the NCIS: Origins cast as Jackson Gibbs.

Ralph Waite played the character on NCIS but passed away in 2014. He was impressive in the role, so the bar is pretty high for Robert Taylor.

Longmire fans will immediately recognize Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire. He was impressive on the long-running drama but has been seen in many other projects.

Taylor played Heller in The Meg, the Athena Captain in Kong: Skull Island, and McEwen in Focus. He also played Nicholas Walsh (years ago) on the TV series Home and Away.

Below is a short interview Taylor did for the Jason Statham film, The Meg.

Some more NCIS: Origins details

NCIS: Origins arrives in the fall of 2024 and will air in primetime on CBS. The network hasn’t revealed its fall schedule yet, so we don’t know what night the new drama will debut.

TV Insider reported that Daniel Bellomy and Caleb Martin Foote also joined the NCIS: Origins cast.

Bellomy plays Granville “Granny” Dawson, a young probationary agent who works as the Evidence Custodian’s assistant.

Foote plays Benjamin “Randy” Randolf – the office’s golden boy

This is in addition to Kyle Schmid playing Mike Franks. Schmid also has a tough task ahead, as the original Franks actor (Muse Watson) owned the part.

More news from the world of NCIS

Here are details about the upcoming NCIS season finale. The season concludes much sooner than many fans expected.

Here is information on the two-part NCIS: Hawai’i finale, which wraps up a season featuring LL Cool J as Agent Sam Hanna.

NCIS: Sydney has also been renewed for a second season, with the Australian-based show getting to resolve the cliffhanger from Season 1.

Previous episodes of NCIS and its spin-offs are available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS: Origins arrives in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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24 days ago

Thank goodness NCIS was renewed. Now we just have to be disappointed that NCIS Hawaii wasn’t. Hawaii was a lot better than Sydney which we would not have missed. Who makes these dumb decisions in CBS?