NCIS: New Orleans changing nights on new CBS schedule

NCIS Team S6 E7
NCIS: NOLA team back to work during Season 6, Episode 7. Pic credit: CBS/YouTubepace

NCIS: New Orleans won’t be airing on Tuesday nights in the new CBS schedule. The big news was just revealed that the Tuesday night time slot is going to be vacated so that FBI: Most Wanted can air there in 2020.

The show has been enjoying a nice time slot behind NCIS and FBI each Tuesday night. Airing at 10/9c has been good for the show, and for CBS, but some big changes are going to come in February.

According to CBS, NCIS: NOLA will move to Sunday nights. It will take up the 10/9c time slot, allowing it to follow new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles each Sunday evening.

While this is a huge move in a sense, it could help the program to be right after another one of the NCIS spinoffs. The bad news, here, is that shows airing at 10 p.m. on Sunday nights don’t tend to last very long on television.

Big changes for NCIS: New Orleans

To finish out the fall 2019 portion of NCIS: NOLA Season 6, CBS released information on three new episodes in November. It’s going to be difficult for viewers, as these will be the first ones following the death of character Christopher Lasalle (played by Lucas Black).

One of the big teases from CBS is that Eddie Barrett, the man who killed Lasalle, is going to return for an all-new episode. It will be interesting to see actor Eddie Cahill return in the role, especially with how creepy he seemed during his last appearance.

Since February is still a ways off, it will give CBS a lot of time to prep viewers for the huge switch in nights. Ratings might take a hit due to fewer people watching TV on Sunday nights, but, hopefully, strong writing will help the show net more seasons from CBS.

Make sure to tune in for each of the new episodes to finish out the month of November, as it will showcase the new direction of the show and how the NCIS team is dealing with the loss of an important family member.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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