NCIS: Los Angeles recap: The team helps out the ATF again

Sam And Rountree NCIS LA S13
The NCIS: LA team helped solve a new case during a new episode. Pic credit: CBS

The new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles began with a car chase, as Callen and Kenzi were driving a Hearse and trying to stop an SUV that had a man shooting at them.

A short time later, a van came up behind them, and it appeared that Callen and Kenzi were trapped. The opening titles for the episode rolled and then we flashed eight hours into the past to learn what led up to the situation.

On the previous episode of NCIS: LA, the team investigated some missing guns and a man preparing to run for Senate that had been friends with Admiral Kilbride. The ATF lost seven agents during the operation, leading to NCIS helping out.

That investigation had all been about Callen and Sam earning the trust of Kilbride, with the trio at odds for most of the episode, but then sharing a drink when they were on the same page at the end of the night.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13, Episode 4 recap

After a segment where Rountree and Sam made some jokes and Sam revealed that Howard University was creating a scholarship in memory of his wife Michelle, it was time to get into the episode.

Callen went to chat with the former girlfriend of Kate Miller, as he let her know that Kate’s real name is Katya Marinova. Angela Pak wasn’t really forthcoming with much information, so Callen didn’t learn anything new in his investigation to finally find Katya.

At the office, Kensi and Deeks joked about the relationship their neighbor was involved in, and Fatima updated Kilbride on a new case they were working on. It seems 500 guns were in the wind and the ATF needed help tracking them down. Enter NCIS: LA. Again.

NCIS: LA is on the case of the missing guns

The son of a suspected mob boss had been transporting the guns, and he was found dead with the firearms missing.

Isabella Hofmann guest-starred as Miriam Sivac, the stepmom of the man who had been found dead. She claimed to be estranged from him and his father and that she had moved on.

Later, it was discovered that the son was going to be making a deal that cut out Miriam, and she wasn’t going to stand for it. She had him killed and was then working to finish selling off the guns on her own.

Regarding the car chase from earlier, the NCIS team was staking out the funeral of the son when they were made. A suspect took off, leading to Kensi and Callen using the Hearse to chase after them. At the same time, Rountree and Sam figured out where the warehouse with the guns was located.

The bad guys (and lady) were all taken down in a very self-contained episode.

As the episode was closing, Kilbride helped Fatima find a new apartment after she had referenced needing one a number of times during the night.

Angela Pak (played by Yssa Mei Panganiban on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for the episode) called Callen back and, after letting him know that he had her trust, gave him a safe deposit box key that Katya had left behind. That key could yield new clues during a future episode.

Despite the tease within the NCIS: LA Season 13, Episode 4 promo, Katya did not appear in the episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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