NCIS: Los Angeles fall finale marks the beginning of long hiatus until next new episode airs in 2022

Agent Rountree NCIS LA
Caleb Castille plays Special Agent Devin Rountree on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles fall finale just aired on CBS and we are now at the beginning of another long hiatus for the show.

NCIS: LA Season 13 has been airing new episodes at 9/8c on Sunday evenings. But CBS has a busy schedule over the next few months and the NCIS spin-off is going to get pushed back.

So far, only six new episodes of NCIS: LA have aired during the Fall 2021 television season, so this latest hiatus is going to seem a bit abrupt.

As for the NCIS: Los Angeles fall finale, that episode aired on the evening of November 21 and it was called Sundown. It was a dramatic installment of the show, with a man taking a bus full of people hostage in order to address a bigger issue.

We won’t spoil too much about the NCIS: LA fall finale for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, especially since there will be a lot of time to catch up with the show or re-watch the first six episodes of Season 13.

What is the NCIS: Los Angeles return date for Season 13?

It appears that the NCIS: Los Angeles winter premiere is set for Sunday, January 2. That’s the week that many shows are returning from the upcoming holiday hiatus and it has already been penciled in at CBS as well.

No specific details about what the NCIS: LA winter premiere will cover have been revealed yet, but there are certainly a lot of ongoing substories that could be worth addressing on NCIS: LA Season 13, Episode 7.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 continues in Winter 2022

There have been a lot of changes to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast recently, led by the departure of characters Eric Beale and Nell Jones.

Having Renée Felice Smith and Barrett Foa leave the show was a big blow for NCIS: Los Angeles fans. It had seemed like the writing was setting up a situation where Nell would take over for Hetty Lange (played by Linda Hunt), but, instead, Eric showed up and swept Nell away. They still exist in the world of NCIS but aren’t a part of the show any longer.

Now, with Hetty gone again on another mission out of the country, Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride has taken over a huge leadership role on the show. He went from a supporting character to a primary component of the show, but Kilbride does things a lot differently than Hetty – and he makes sure to also point that out at every turn.

Hopefully, the writing is strong during the backend of NCIS: LA Season 13, and the episodes are exciting enough to give the show a boost in the TV ratings. That might be necessary to guarantee that CBS decides to place an order for NCIS: LA Season 14 to air next year.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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