NCIS: Los Angeles boss talks about possible Season 15 ideas

Daniela Ruah Smiles
Daniela Ruah stars on the NCIS: LA cast as Agent Kensi Blye. Pic credit: ©

The series finale of NCIS: Los Angeles did a good job wrapping up the show.

Fans finally saw the wedding between G. Callen and Anna Kolcheck, providing happiness to two characters with troubled pasts.

The writers also gave Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks their happy ending when it was revealed that she was pregnant.

And while Sam Hanna appears content in life, the character joined NCIS: Hawai’i for Season 3.

Nell Jones even appeared when she called in Callen and Hanna to help rescue their former boss in Morocco.

But despite the many smiles from the core four, some notable storylines got left wide open.

Plot points that could have been addressed in NCIS: LA Season 15

NCIS: Los Angeles boss R. Scott Gemmill talked about several unresolved storylines when asked where the show could go if he had more episodes or time.

“I’m not sure. I imagine we would’ve finally brought him to justice,” Gemmill told TV Insider when asked how he imagined the Kessler story going.

David Kessler was a serial killer that had Kensi in his sights. He leveled an ominous threat about taking her out that was never fully addressed.

Kessler is still alive in the world of NCIS, and the team never brought him to justice.

The team also failed to resolve the Body Stitchers Case. That idea came from the man who plays Kessler (Frank Military), and it could have resurfaced in a fifteenth season.

Missing characters on NCIS: Los Angeles

Though they were referenced in the season finale, Eric Beale and Hetty Lange did not appear on screen.

Gemmill also talked about bringing back Hetty and Eric and how the timing this spring didn’t work.

Earlier, Barrett Foa spoke about his absence from the finale, noting he loved playing Eric Beale for years.

“I would’ve liked to have brought back Barrett [Foa]. I would’ve liked to have brought back Linda,” Gemmill said when asked who he would have brought back if he could.

“If it was up to me, I’d have had everyone who would’ve ever been on the show back on, but it’s just not practical,” Gemmill elaborated.

As for some of the other storylines that Gemmill mentioned, he wanted to address why Hetty was overseas, to explore the relationship between Kilbride and his son further, and a relationship between Deeks’ mom and Arkady.

He also noted that he was “sure there’s a dozen more” ideas he wanted to explore if he had more episodes or another season to work with.

Even though there are many ideas for new episodes and storylines to be addressed, NCIS: LA has reached the end of its road.

The best that fans can hope for is that some of the characters make appearances on one of the other NCIS shows in the future.

NCIS: LA Season 15 is not coming. But maybe some ideas could work for an NCIS: International team.

NCIS: Los Angeles is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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11 months ago

There was no reason to end the show with so many storylines unresolved and especially with it being such a hit show unless the actors were just tired and wanted to move on for something different… as for your reason of budget cuts I don’t buy it….this and NCIS are my favorite shows…. Hawaii just don’t do it for me…. LAs characters had so much family chemistry between them all and such extraordinary acting skills….. I just didn’t see that with Hawaii…..Even with recasting Marc Harmon with Gary Cole you couldn’t have gotten anyone to take his place…. The look the sound of his voice…. But with LA they made you really believe those characters existed…. I’m 69 and have watched every NCIS and NCIS:LA…again there was no reason to drop LA….. should have dropped Hawaii…. Also would have loved to have seen more about Caleb’s sister…. Just so many possibilities….. the finale looked kinda last minute thrown together even though it was good the show could’ve ended better…. CBS really missed the mark on this one….. it could be brought back though…. But the powers that be aren’t that smart….getting to the point CBS is going down the tubes…..