Natalie Martinez on The I-Land: Who is the actress on the Netflix series?

actress natalie martinez on netflix series the i-land
Natalie Martinez as Chase on Netflix series The I-Land. Pic credit: Netflix YouTube

Actress Natalie Martinez heads up the cast of the new Netflix original series The I-Land. The sci-fi/fantasy show officially arrived on the streaming platform in mid-September, bringing intrigue and comparisons to several other popular shows. It also brings actress Natalie Martinez into the spotlight as the show’s main character. So who is the actress that appears on The I-Land?

Natalie Martinez as Chase on The I-Land

The I-Land is a limited Netflix series that consists of just seven episodes. It features Martinez as Chase a woman who awakens on a mysterious island. While at first it appears deserted, it’s not as she soon finds others waking up down the beach shore too. Interestingly, none of them know how they got there, or what their life stories are.

The I-Land: Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix
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Martinez’s Chase quickly becomes one of the main characters due to her ferocious nature and seeming ability to not fall prey to danger. She has some interesting situations with fellow island strandees and gives the Netflix show an interesting protagonist to follow.

Natalie Martinez’s other film, TV roles

Natalie Martinez has been quite active in her career. Not to be confused with the Big Brother actress, this Natalie Martinez rose to fame with her role as “Case” alongside Jason Statham in 2008’s Death Race. In addition, she played Gabby in the cop film End of Watch in 2012, and Madeline in 2015’s Self/less.

Death Race - Girls Arrival [HD]

Her first TV role came with 2006’s appearance on Fashion House as Michelle Miller. She’d go on to lock down recurring roles on several detective shows too. Martinez played Detective Ariana Sanchez on Detroit 1-8-7 from 2010 to 2011. From 2012 to 2013 she was Detective Jamie Lovato on CSI: NY.

Other television roles included Alicia Mendez on Kingdom, Reece on The Crossing, and Theresa Murphy on APB. Martinez also popped up on Hulu’s Into the Dark as Jennifer Robbins this year. She was part of the CBS series Under the Dome as Linda Esquivel.

Martinez has also appeared in a number of music videos including Pitbull’s “Rain Over Me” featuring Marc Antony, Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita,” and Sean Paul’s “We Be Burnin’.” In addition to all of that, Natalie Martinez was a spokesmodel with Jennifer Lopez’s J.Lo fashion line at age 24.

Natalie Martinez online, life details

Martinez is of Cuban descent and was born in Miami, Florida back on July 12, 1984. She graduated in 2002 from St. Brendan High School, a Roman Catholic school in Miami. After that, Martinez earned her college degree at Miami Dade College. As mentioned, her rise to fame included modeling for JLo’s fashion line, roles in music videos, a breakout TV role on Fashion House in 2006, and 2008’s Death Race movie.

The movie and TV actress is quite active on social media, including Instagram where she shares various photos of her projects, life, and interests including vacation photos. That includes bikini poses from the beach. In this photo, she celebrates the announcement of one of her friend’s getting married.

As for Martinez’s own relationship status, the website Heightline indicates that gossip sites said Martinez previously dated Nadine Velazquez. She’s a fellow model and actress who appeared in roles on Major Crimes and My Name is Earl.

However, Martinez isn’t married and doesn’t have any current relationships according to that particular report. She’s managed to keep things private if she is. Instead of a relationship, she appears to be loving life right now and enjoying her latest work on The I-Land. She posted the following series of photos showing off some of the action scenes she was involved in from the filming location.

Check out Natalie Martinez at her official Instagram @iamnataliemartinez including lifestyle, movie or TV projects, and more.

The I-Land: Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Viewers can watch Natalie Martinez as Chase on The I-Land series now available on Netflix.

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