Natalie Martinez on The I-Land: Who is the actress on the Netflix series?

Actress Natalie Martinez heads up the cast of the new Netflix original series The I-Land. The sci-fi/fantasy show officially arrived on the streaming platform in mid-September, bringing intrigue and comparisons to several other popular shows. It also brings actress Natalie Martinez into the spotlight as the show’s main character. So who is the actress that


Michelle Ventimilla: Who is The I-Land actress from the Netflix original series?

Netflix brought us a new show this week called The I-Land which seems to capitalize on other television hits such as Lost– whether it succeeds is up for discussion. The show conceptually aspires to follow the same intrigue and mystery of Lost but with a possible voyeur spin. Think Survivor with elements of Damon Lindelof.


Where was The I-Land filmed?

The new series The I-Land premiered this week with underwhelming critical success despite its intriguing (yet familiar) concept. The show involves 10 strangers waking up on an island with complete amnesia about who they are and how they arrived there. And as they solve their reasons for being there, strange things begin to happen. Despite