Mythosaurs on The Mandalorian: How the ancient creature ties to Mandalorian culture

Nick Nolte as Kull from The Mandalorian
Nick Nolte as Kull from The Mandalorian. Pic credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Mandalorian and Disney Plus have officially crashed its way into the streaming zeitgeist and is sure to be the talk of the interwebs today. Especially a shocking finale that raises a massive amount of questions about the series going forward.

What is for certain is that Jon Favreau knows the mythology and the background of Star Wars and one specific scene is proof of this.

Minor spoilers ahead: In the episode, The Mandalorian encounters a character named Kull (Nick Nolte) who attempts to teach the bounty hunter how to ride a creature called a Blurg.

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When his attempts fail several times, The Mandalorian becomes frustrated and asks Kull if he has a landspeeder instead. To which Kull says, “You are a Mandalorian. Your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur. Surely you can ride this young foal.”

But what is a Mythosaur in the Star Wars universe? Here is what to know about the creature from The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2 | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12

What is a Mythosaur from The Mandalorian?

Beyond Wookiepedia, there’s little background about this creature online. But here is what can be deduced from the significance of the Mythosaur and its possible influence on Mandalorian culture.

The most credible information on Mythosaur comes from the official Star Wars page itself. In the article titled Mandalorian Mysteries, it touches on the mysterious origins of the most iconic Mandalorian symbol known as “Krybes.” The article states that there are three beliefs on the background of how it was created.

One party believes it was made from the skull of a Bantha, and as the site explains that does not seem likely. Another party of believers believes it was a tribute to “an ancient training master.” The final belief is the symbol is the skull of a Mythosaur which the site explains is “city-sized reptiles that dominated the surface of early Mandalore before the arrival of the Taung species.”

Judging from the online community it seems that most fans are pretty much set on the idea that Mythosaur is the skull symbol of Mandalorians. And after the series premiere of The Mandalorian, it appears Jon Favreau believes this as well.

The next episode of The Mandalorian will release November 15 on Disney Plus.

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