My Crazy Ex: A competitive girlfriend and a guy with a complicated past

My Crazy Ex
My Crazy Ex tells the true, but crazy, stories of relationships that went off the rails big style

Tonight’s episode of My Crazy Ex is titled Oddballs, Pitfalls & Gutter Balls and for good reason!

One boyfriend gets a nasty surprise when his girlfriend turns out to be crazy competitive at bowling.

A woman not long out of a relationship thinks she has found a guy with no baggage but it turns out he has a really complicated life.

Finally another guy is head-over-heels with his new partner, whom he met on the rebound, but she is jealous of his previous girlfriend.

If you missed last week’s episode you can watch a clip below. Nasty stuff!

Weird shake clip from last week’s My Crazy Ex

My Crazy Ex airs Thursdays 9:00 PM on Lifetime.

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