My Big Fat Fabulous Life recap: Whitney can’t deal with Jiya’s attitude problem

Whitney gets schooled by Jiya on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Credit: TLC

Recap of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4, Episode 5, How Low Can Whit Go?, which aired 02/21/2017.

Oh, Whitney. I know Jiya, in her misguided attempt to re-enact Bring It On, wanted to show you up on national television.

I know how much her mean girl posturing, giggling and hair flipping must have put you off. But when she challenged you to go low, you did meet her more than halfway — and I’m not just talking about that “crotch-to-socks” move, either.

This week’s episode, with the exception of the guys at the radio station slapping a labor pain-inducing device on to Whitney’s stomach and some not-entirely-convincing vows to lose weight from Buddy, was all about Jiya and her crew.

First, Whitney, Todd and Tal drop into Trophy Wife Fitness for a class. I’m guessing Jiya might get a flood of interest in her classes just because she’s now been on television, but I can’t imagine why.

Jiya demands everyone get the choreography right from the jump — and if anyone doesn’t, she starts over from the beginning.

The first time, no one minds too much. The third time? People who might have ordinarily been high-fiving classmates and offering fist bumps are pretty much ready to rip out weaves and throw down.

Let’s just say Whitney did not get the choreography from the jump. When Whitney admits she really can’t do the choreography, Jiya tells her she needs to bring a doctor’s note the next time she comes. Yeah, bet that isn’t going to happen for a lot of reasons.

Todd and Tal, who tagged along for moral support, are about as much use to Whitney as chia pets and painted rocks.

Though they don’t want to say anything to Whitney, they LOVE Jiya! They love her class, they love her choreography, and I sort of suspect they love the fact Jiya is driving Whitney batty. Where’s the love, guys?

Admittedly, Jiya’s choreography is more fun than Whitney’s, but that overlooks Whitney’s purported reason for teaching a class in the first place — it’s not about auditioning for RHOA, it’s about moving, finding self-confidence, and having fun.

That being said, no one in either of these classes is going to win America’s Got Talent. They aren’t all that likely to make it through the first round.

If Whitney were not (I’m guessing) being prodded by producers to continue churning out drama with Jiya, I’m guessing she wouldn’t ask Jiya to come to her class.

But what fun would that be? Soon, Jiya and her crew are at BGDC, making sure everyone there feels like crap. Yay, Jiya. Good for you.

Jiya attends Whitney’s dance class on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Credit: TLC

Jiya giggles. Jiya sneers. And guess what? Whitney gets huffy, telling Jiya’s crew they can leave if they have to giggle and they don’t tell her when she can start dancing, thank you.

It’s not a great moment for Whitney, who also ends up looking like a bit of a bitch in front of her students. It’s understandable, but it’s not pretty.

After this ugliness, Whitney has to bring up how poorly things went at her radio job — and guess what? A dance battle is in the works.

I’d like to say this is Whitney’s moment to shine, or at least take the high ground, but I’m not sure either of those things are possible. Given that her mission statement is to inspire women to have fun and gain confidence, I hope she doesn’t drag her students into this dumpster fire.

If she thinks it through, I hope she decides to smile sweetly, then cede the dance floor to Mattie.

Mattie gets ticked off on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Credit: TLC

Mattie probably can dance Jiya’s face off, and if she can’t? Mattie will take her and her weave down, out and around.

You don’t mess with Mattie, and Whitney may just want to recognize that she has a fierce, not-so-secret weapon in her possession. You go, Mattie.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

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