My Big Fat Fabulous Life: 10 of the best moments from Season 3

Whitney tubing in My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney seriously enjoying her tubing was one of the highlights of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 3

Tonight’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life reunion special part 2 is the final episode of Season 3 , and we’re all on a bit of a downer about that here at M&C.

The good news is there will be a Season 4, which returns in early 2017 for 14 episodes — three more than the current season.

The past 10 weeks of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have been pretty epic, with Whitney having a total roller-coaster ride both in her personal and professional lives.

As we bid farewell to Season 3, here’s 10 of our favorite moments.

1Whitney’s clashes with fat-shaming comedian

Fat-shaming comedian Kerryn Feehan played a big part in the past season, with her and Whitney having more than one heated encounter. But whose side are you on?

2Whitney goes tubing. But how do you get out?

Whitney going tubing made for some hilariously entertaining viewing. Not only as she trembled with fear at the thought of going down, but also her laughing as she struggled to get out of the tube with Lennie’s help.

3Whitney’s trainer dumps her

This was one of the most difficult scenes to watch, as Whitney broke down when Will told her he couldn’t work with her any more after spotting unhealthy food and drink packaging in her car.

It came after previous confrontations where Will blasted her over her excuses, and she kept dodging her diet.

4Whitney gets fat-shamed dressed as a leprechaun

Whitney dressed as a leprechaun was a sight to behold, but she didn’t seem to enjoy it while taking part in a street parade — especially when some people made fun of her from the sidelines.

5Whitney’s interview at Kiss 95.1

Whitney was under pressure when she went for her job interview at Kiss 95.1, and she totally bombed the quick-fire pop culture questions.

But we loved how she laughed it off in her usual Whitney style.

6Pain in the shower

Whitney was glad she had a flat-mate in Buddy when this episode took place. But was Buddy glad he had one in her? Especially as she doesn’t own a single towel that actually covers her whole body.

7Babs and Whitney getting a piglet

Piglets! You don’t need us to explain whey this is one of our favourite My Big Fat Fabulous Life moments.

8Buddy’s new girlfriend

Whitney wasn’t sure what to make of Buddy dating her friend, and it was funny to see her skulking around the kitchen not knowing quite how to act around them.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget her cat — Wandaleezza Rice.

9Her and Lennie

Whitney and Lennie have had all sorts of ups and downs over the past season.

We started to see the pair didn’t see the same way about their future at the wedding, above, and the pair have been through some difficult times since.

Whitney was in tears as the end-of-season special was being filmed as Lennie appeared to try and get back together live on camera.

10Whitney’s other flirtations

Seeing Whitney’s video message from co-worker Roy was one of the cutest moments of the season.

What will the future hold for Whitney romantically? Only time will tell…

Bring on Season 4!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns for Season 4 in 2017.

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