MTV’s The Challenge reunion Part 2 recap: War of the Worlds reunion includes Bananas’ incident with Amanda

johnny bananas during mtv's the challenge war of the worlds reunion
Johnny Bananas calls out his enemies and haters during MTV’s The Challenge reunion. Photo credit: MTV

MTV’s The Challenge reunion was a two-hour show on Wednesday night. That meant double the revelations, arguments, and juicy bits of gossip viewers may not have known.

Check out War of the Worlds reunion part 1 recap for the first hour of revelations. There may be spoilers to follow for those who have yet to see the new episodes.

More cast member feuds, hottest hookups

An argument erupted between Da’Vonne and Cara Maria. It was over the fact Cara went to tell Georgia that Bear was going behind her back with his girl on the phone.

Cara said at least she was able to tell Georgia about it because Da’Vonne and others didn’t tell her. Da’Vonne said Cara had shady intentions in doing so.

Some of the hottest hookups were on display too. That included Cara and Paulie as well as Nany and Hunter. They showed Josh’s attempt to get with Amanda. Cam’s relationship with Theo was also on display.

Mattie confronted Kyle for having a girlfriend when they fooled around on the show. Zahida said that Kyle doesn’t have a girlfriend as she lives near him.

Nany brought up Hunter maybe having a girlfriend back home during the show. She confronted him to ask if that was the case, but he said it wasn’t.

She also asked if he’s having a baby and Hunter didn’t answer. He did admit he has someone in his life now. Hunter said he should have communicated more with Nany about things.

They showed never-seen-before hook-ups including Ash and Zahida as well as Bananas and Morgan. The latter are now “friendly” with each other in real life based on social media. Bananas said they’re not going to talk about it on the reunion, though.

Bananas brings up controversy, Amanda drama

Johnny Bananas brought up an incident where Amanda was drunk one night. She was bothering him and other guys as they were trying to sleep. He said they told Amanda if she kept doing it they were going to tape her up and toss her out.

Georgia and Zahida were involved as well as Leroy and Kyle. Bananas said they playfully tried to wrap the tape around Amanda’s ankles, legs, wrists, and head.

It got stuck in her hair but was not malicious. Amanda went to Da’Vonne crying about it as she tried to get the tape out of her hair.

Bananas said the fact Da’Vonne put out a YouTube commentary video about it caused backlash. That video seemed to mischaracterize the whole incident. Bananas said some news outlets were suggesting the guys assaulted a woman during the show.

Da’Vonne apologized for what happened and said she clearly said in the video that there was no malicious intent by those involved.

Another Amanda situation was addressed. She dropped a bomb on Zach with Jenna during The Challenge. During the show, she told Jenna that Zach had a fake Bumble dating account.

That caused a meltdown between Zach and Jenna where they nearly split up. Zach admitted he embarrassed Jenna during the show but that he loves her now.

He said he’s lucky that Jenna chose to stick with him through all the drama. They’re still together as of the reunion.

Turbo vs. Ninja Natalie beef, parting words

They addressed the whole Turbo and Ninja Natalie feud from the show. Ninja had a meltdown during one of the challenges, and it ended up ruining her friendship with Turbo.

She mentioned she was emotionally charged and angry over that performance. She admitted she was swearing at the sky, not at Turbo during that frustration.

They laughed it off on the reunion. Ninja said they’re now friends again because she’s going to visit his homeland and family soon. As The Challenge winner, Turbo seems to have buried the hatchet.

They showed a highlight reel of the funniest moments from The Challenge: War of the Worlds this past season.

That included Bananas doing an exorcism on Amanda and Mattie’s fear of the seal she encountered in the water. The reunion closed with Bear joking around that he has no regrets or hard feelings towards any of them.

He said they’d all come back and do it again, and that he’ll be the main man.

We’ve yet to see if that new Challenge show will be coming, but when it is announced, it’s likely to include Bear as part of the main cast. One would have to think other popular stars from the show would also be included.

For those MTV’s The Challenge viewers who want some more new stuff, check out the exclusive episode at Universal Studios. It’s a different challenge held and sponsored by the theme park.

It involves some of the all-time greats from MTV’s show. They are Derek, Emily, Darnell, Veronica, Alton, and Tori.

MTV’s The Challenge was televised Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV. Episodes are also available for live stream online at the MTV website.

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