Money Heist Part 5 release date: Will there be a fifth season and when will it come out?

A scene from Money Heist
Fans were left wanting more after the thrilling finale of Part 4 of Money Heist. Pic credit: Netflix

Spanish crime series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel in its native Spanish) has taken Netflix by storm. It is reportedly the most-watched non-English language show on the streaming service.

With four parts available to watch on the streaming service, many fans have started to wonder when, if ever, their next fix of the suspenseful crime drama could arrive.

While Netflix has not confirmed or denied a Part 5, several Spanish publications reported a fifth is in the works. There are also rumors a sixth is on the way shortly after Part 5.

This isn’t the first time fans have been left anxious about the return of this incredibly binge-able TV show.

Spain’s ABC reported in October 2019 (before Netflix released part 4) that a fifth part had already received a green light.

However, it seems fans might have a long wait on their hands, which might explain why Netflix has yet to announce its return.

So when is Part 5 of Money Heist back?

It seems it won’t be out until April 2021. That’s right, folks, you have to wait a whole year to see the red-suited Salvador mask-wearing anti-heroes again.

It’s not so bad when you consider that the gap between Parts 3 and 4 was eight months. We just have to wait a little bit longer this time.

Many TV and movie productions have shut down recently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing might cause some delays to everyone’s favorite Spanish crime drama.

Fans give their reaction to having to wait for Part 5 of Money Heist

Some fans took to Twitter to lament the long wait for Part 5.

Fans online are also full of praise for the show.

“Just give me season 5,” wrote one Twitter user.

While the terms “season” and “parts” are used interchangeably by fans of the show, it is technically correct to say the show has only had two seasons, split into four parts.

This fact adds more fuel to the theory that a sixth part might quickly follow the fifth.

The fourth part ended as the team continued to plot their escape from the Bank of Spain. The dramatic finale saw El Professor with a gun held to his head by Alicia Sierra. All this has fans begging for more.

The fifth installment should once again feature Álvaro Morte in the role of El Profesor along with all the other regular cast members.

Catch up with the first 4 Parts of Money Heist on Netflix.

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