Mitch Nelson on A Million Little Things: Who is he?

Rhys Coiro as Mitch Nelson on A Million Little Things
Mitch Nelson isn’t ready to back down on A Million Little Things. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things is over for the season. There are still plenty of questions surrounding Barbara Morgan even though her identity was revealed.

The biggest question now has to do with Mitch Nelson (Rhys Coiro). Who is he, and is he connected further to the mystery than anyone knows?

Who is Mitch Nelson on A Million Little Things?

Mitch Nelson is married to Barbara Morgan (Drea de Matteo). She now goes by the name Mrs. Nelson, but she is the woman who was named on the policy along with Jon’s friends.

He has been raising her son alongside her for the entire duration of his life. In fact, he has no idea that Mitch Nelson isn’t his dad.

Barbara Morgan’s significant other, Dave was killed on a flight on 9-11 when his plane crashed. He was supposed to be traveling with Jon (Ron Livingston), who ended up missing the flight. As his plane took off, no one knew he wouldn’t be returning home.

At this point, Barbara Morgan was pregnant with Dave’s child. She was distraught and Jon was unable to live his guilt down.

Why is Mitch so secretive?

When Barbara Morgan finally saw Jon again after Dave’s death, she revealed to him that she was getting married to Mitch Nelson. This caused the two to exchanged heated words and their friendship was over in the blink of an eye.

Because Mitch Nelson is the only father Barbara’s son has ever known, they are trying to keep the past a secret. He was very upset that Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) showed up at their home.

The entire connection was shown, but it looks like there is more that will be revealed when Season 2 returns next fall.

A Million Little Things will return to ABC in fall 2019.

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