Mike and Monica from The Proposal are still together and ‘madly’ in love

Mike and Monica from The Proposal
Mike and Monica from The Proposal, who are still together and madly in love
Mike and Monica from The Proposal
Mike and Monica from The Proposal, who are still together and madly in love

Michael “Mike” Crowe was the first man to take the stage in ABC’s new show, The Proposal, last night — and ended up proposing to lucky contestant Monica, who said yes!

Amputee police officer Mike was initially revealed as a mystery man, who then listened to what 10 female contestants had to say before choosing one to propose to.

In the end he decided to pick the gorgeous Monica, who appeared stunned when he chose her. Acknowledging that it was weird to be proposing to someone he had only just met, Mike then got down on one knee and popped the question. A million hearts melted as Monica said yes!

Mike proposes to Monica on The Proposal
Mike gets down on one knee and proposes to Monica on the premiere of The Proposal

Fans in the studio audience were visibly thrilled for the couple, with some beside themselves at what they were seeing unfold.

The big question on fans’ lips after the show ended, though, was whether Mike and Monica are still together. In amazing news, the answer is yes! Even more than that, they are also reportedly “madly” in love.

The Proposal confirmed the news on their official Twitter account after last night’s episode had aired, posting clips of the happy couple together with a caption saying “Congrats to Mike and Monica! And, for those wondering…they are still a couple!”

Another post, from ABC’s VP of Alternative Programming Robert Mills, said: “This may sound insane but the couple is STILL TOGETHER AND MADLY IN LOVE!!”

Mike and Monica even recorded a video to give viewers an update on how they were doing. Mike said: “Hi guys, I never thought anything like this would happen in like a million years, never thought I’d be on television, never thought I’d get down on one knee and propose to someone in under an hour but it happened!

“And I got to meet this beautiful girl, so we’re having a good time and we’re excited for what the future has in store for us.”

Monica added: “Definitely! Can’t wait to get that ring!”

It will be interesting to see whether Mike and Monica, who got engaged in under an hour after first meeting, can outlast most couples on ABC’s other dating show The Bachelor as they work on their relationship — and possibly get married! Stay tuned to find out more.

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