Matt Grundhoffer accused of sexually assaulting minor

Matt Grundhoffer accused of sexually assaulting a minor
Former Little Women: LA husband Matt Grundhoffer poses for a selfie on Instagram

Briana Renee’s ex-husband Matt Grundhoffer has been accused of more shocking behavior that certainly won’t be playing out for viewers on Little Women: LA. The former reality star has been accused of sexually accusing a minor in a shocking new report from Radar Online. 

Back in December 2017, we learned that Briana and Matt were getting divorced and the former Little Women: LA star accused her estranged husband of some pretty terrible things. Among her long list of grievances was a claim that Briana found messages between Matt and an unidentified woman where they were reportedly “involved bestiality and proposals of sex acts with minor children”.

The shocking allegations came out when Briana Renee filed a request for a restraining order against Matt Grundhoffer. The restraining order was granted and Matt is required to stay 100-feet away from Briana and her son Maverick.

Now there are claims that Matt wasn’t just suggesting sexually assaulting a minor, he has been accused of doing it.

The new Radar report cites legal documents from a lawsuit against the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, and Child Study and Treatment Center that was filed earlier in June. In the filing, an unnamed minor girl is accusing Matt of grooming her for abuse during a stay in the treatment center back in 2009.

The lawsuit alleges that the State of Washington and the counseling center should have known that Matt was a danger to minor children and that the girl should never have been left in his care. Even more shocking are claims that Matt used counseling sessions with the unidentified girl in order to groom her for abuse.

“Grundhoffer manipulated that vulnerability by grooming [Plaintiff] during their counseling sessions for a romantic relationship and breached his ethical duties by engaging in a sexual relationship with [Plaintiff] while she was a patient, a minor child and held at CSTC,” the legal documents read.

The plaintiff also claims that a sexual relationship with Matt Grundhoffer continued after she left the treatment center. In her lawsuit, she claims that the experience has caused “significant confusion and severe emotional harm” according to court records.

Despite a string of legal issues in the following years, Matt remained employed by Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services until 2013, when his supervisors learned that he had been ordered to take part in a state treatment plan for offenders after being found not guilty of assault on his ex-girlfriend.

The lawsuit is headed for trial next year with a reported start date of June 3, 2019.  The woman wants to be awarded damages for the alleged sexual assault and for recovery of attorneys’ fees.

With all of this drama still going on, it’s no wonder Briana Renee quit Little Women: LA after filing for divorce from Matt Grundhoffer.

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