MasterChef recap: Top 16 home chefs compete for immunity, visit Joe Bastianich’s restaurant

MasterChef Team Competition
Nick DiGiovanni and Michael Silverstein as team captains on MasterChef. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap from Wednesday night covers what took place during Episode 8 of the summer 2019 season. There are 16 home cooks left competing for the ultimate title and they all wanted to secure immunity.

In the last episode, Evan Tesiny was sent home by Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich. Fred Chang and Sam Haaz barely survived the Elimination Challenge, suggesting they could be at risk of going home soon.

There are now just 16 people left trying to win the show and FOX has advertised that two people are going home this week. On Wednesday night will be the competition phase and then a double-elimination will take place in Episode 9.

MasterChef Season 10, Episode 8 recap

It was time for another team challenge on the show. The teams had to create an authentic three-course Italian meal.

The Red Team captain was Nick DiGiovanni. Chosen as the Blue Team captain was Michael Silverstein. Both home cooks knew the pressures and risks that came with being placed in charge.

To get the show started, the captains were taken to Joe’s restaurant to be taught how to prepare the authentic meal. The captains would then have to teach their teams how to prepare the entire meal.

MasterChef Team Competition

The Red Team members were Nick, Renee, Wuta, Bri, Fred, Jamie, Keturah, and Micah.

The Blue Team was Michael, Sam, Subha, Sarah, Shari, Noah, Liz, and Dorian.

The challenge got even tougher when each team was instructed to make three of each dish. That meant that the teams were each working to prepare nine total dishes in order to complete the challenge.

Rather than taking stations within the kitchens, Nick and Michael decided to oversee everything to make sure it was done correctly.

It was a frantic episode, but in the end, it was the Blue Team that came up short in the eyes of the judges. Because the Blue Team lost, Michael, Sam, Subha, Sarah, Shari, Noah, Liz, and Dorian will be cooking for their lives during the Elimination Challenge.

As a reminder, the next episode of MasterChef is going to eliminate two home cooks.

MasterChef airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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