Mary Sibley faces The Boy as WGN airs last four Salem episodes

Mary Sibley on Salem
Mary Sibley goes all out to save Salem as the WGN America series draws to a close

For fans of Salem this is a bittersweet moment — as the bewitching tale set in gloomy desperate times ends with WGN America screening the final four episodes at once.

The Man Who Was Thursday begins the marathon screening, where we see Sebastian still under the power of the most powerful of the Essex witches.

Cotton Mather’s wife is pregnant with his son and all the witches are in a dead run to save Salem from The Boy, Mary Sibley’s son who is the devil himself and guarded by The Sentinel.

The race to save Salem is on a tight timeline now, as the mercurial Sibley and her followers are realizing that The Boy (aka the devil) will not honor what he promised. The devil is a liar, even to the witches that summoned him.

The final episodes, will see Cotton do something unspeakable, which will erase Gloriana’s memories.

Meanwhile, Alden will try to dispatch the Sentinel as Mary continues to use Sebastian and make him believe she cares for him.

In the promo clip below Sebastian tells her that he will find a way to destroy The Boy once and for all, with dramatic flourish.

The third season of Salem was all about the old adage: Be careful what you plot and wish for.  The witches get turnabout from The Boy and have to undo the damage they have done in the New World.

Essentially meddling with good and evil — mostly all evil — never works out well, even for the evilly inclined.

The addition of Marilyn Manson as twisted barber Thomas Dinley was a real coup in this short-lived series.

Watch the trailer for the final four episodes of WGN America’s supernatural thriller below.

WGN America airs the final four episodes of Salem tonight, January 4, at 9/8c.

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