Ryan Hurst: Farrells on Outsiders are like Tarzan meets Shakespeare

Ryan Hurst says the Farrell clan from WGN’s runaway hit Outsiders are like “Tarzan meets Shakespeare”. Speaking at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour, he described the show — which returns for Season 2 on January 24 — as having a “primal elegance”. He added: “If Tarzan and Shakespeare were put together, you’d

Mary Sibley faces The Boy as WGN airs last four Salem episodes

For fans of Salem this is a bittersweet moment — as the bewitching tale set in gloomy desperate times ends with WGN America screening the final four episodes at once. The Man Who Was Thursday begins the marathon screening, where we see Sebastian still under the power of the most powerful of the Essex witches. Cotton Mather’s

Talking Implosion: “Manhattan” Season Two (Interview)

Seventy years ago, America did the unthinkable when scientists created the most powerful weapon in the world and used it and ended scores of lives. The moral justification of using the atomic bombs that were used upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki is moot, but it was the moment in history that redefined our world, for both