Mary and Dom from Love After Lockup: Where are they now?

Mary and Dom headed to their boat wedding
Mary and Dom are still together. Pic credit: WeTV

Love After Lockup: Our Story will feature Mary and Dom from Season 1. This couple garnered a lot of attention for how they acted together after he was released from prison. It wasn’t an easy transition but despite that, things appear to be going well for the couple now.

Earlier this year, Love After Lockup completed Season 1. There is reportedly an update special that will air at some point, but for now, these episodes are reviews of each relationship from the entire season. Out of all of the couples, Mary and Dom had the most potential going forward.

When Dom was released, things weren’t as easy as Mary had hoped. Love After Lockup chronicled what she had hoped would happen between the two upon his release. Unfortunately, adjusting back into normal life wasn’t as easy for Dom as she had anticipated it would be.

Thankfully, the two have worked through all of the issues that were presented during Love After Lockup. Mary and Dom are married and finally living together.

Much of their life is chronicled on Instagram by Mary now. She is currently set as private but fans can request to follow her and see the photos she shared from their big wedding two weeks ago.

They had a quickie wedding in the beginning, just to solidify their union while Dom was still living in the halfway house. Just a few weeks ago, the two had their big wedding, and the “happily ever after” was documented on social media.

Dom was released from the halfway house earlier this year and launched his own business. Mary talked about how proud she was of her husband to Reality Tea. She knew that Dom was someone special even though there were some bumps in the road.

Viewers are hoping there will be an update in real time for Dom and Mary at some point after Love After Lockup: Our Story airs. There has been some chatter about it happening at the end of this month, but no definite confirmation.

Love After Lockup: Our Story airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WeTV.

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