Marvel releases Loki promotional merchandise hinting at presidential campaign

Loki for President
Loki running for President Pic credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel just released some promotional images for the upcoming Loki Disney+ series that hits the streaming service in June.

This includes a big look at Loki in his presidential campaign.

Comic book fans know all about this, and it appears that the Disney+ series will show a bit of this very fun Loki story from Marvel Comics.

Loki running for president?

In 2016, Marvel Comics released a four-issue comic book series called Vote Loki.

In the same year that Donald Trump made an unlikely run to become President of the United States, Marvel had Loki make a similarly unlikely run.

The God of Lies ran for President of the United States and found himself at odds with a reporter named Nisa Contreras, who wanted to prove Loki didn’t have the best interests of the company in his plans.

What makes Loki’s run for President so interesting is that he lied openly to the public, and he claimed that made him better than politicians who lied about lying.

Loki spoke to reporters and said that “both candidates are indirect and liars, adding that if he were the President, he’d lie directly to America’s face.”

This made him even more popular than any other candidate.

He even had his own campaign tagline – “BeLIEve.”

The various social media networks also played a large role in the American people’s support of a known liar running for president.

What was brilliant was that, in the end, Loki manipulated Congress and the Supreme Court and admitted to everything he did — maintaining his promise to remain completely honest.

Loki then concedes the election and then had two conversations after this. He told the reported Nisa that hd did all this just to help bolster her future and help her expand her career when it comes to speaking out against corrupt politics.

He then called the political candidate he lost to and asked about the pay for looking like a fool and helping him win.

Loki Disney+ series

The Loki Disney+ series kicks off in June and will last six episodes

New images from Loki merchandise just hit and one of them include Loki in his Presidential campaign outfit.

Loki merchandise
Loki merchandise. Pic credit: Marvel

Not only will Loki play out his Presidential campaign, but Tom Hiddleston said that the show will focus on a lot of Loki’s ever-changing nature.

This could include seeing Lady Loki, Kid Loki, and King Loki among other versions of the character.

There is no word on who will return from the MCU to appear in Loki other than the God of Lies.

Loki premieres on Disney+ on June 11.

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