Married at First Sight spoilers: What will the parents say about MAFS marriages

Jasmine McGriff gets advice from her mom on Married at First Sight
How will the parents feel about the Season 8 Married at First Sight couples? Pic credit: Lifetime

Now that the couples from Season 8 of Married at First Sight are one month into their marriages, it’s time to revisit their parents and see how they feel about these couplings.

We haven’t seen much of the extended families since the wedding day and this is the time when they come back to dish out relationship advice.

In the latest Married at First Sight sneak peek, we get a taste of what’s to come when Jasmine McGriff sits down with her parents to talk about her new union with Will Guess.

As we’ve seen over the past weeks, Jasmine and Will have been battling about gender roles as she expects her husband to pay 100 percent of the bills and he says no way.

Now, it looks like we’ll be getting even more of a look at Jasmine’s idea about what gender roles should be after her parents give her some advice that she doesn’t really want to follow.

When Jasmine’s mom suggests that she should listen to Will because he is the man of the house, Jasmine is shocked. While she wants a man to pay for everything, she doesn’t seem to want him to take charge at all.

Instead, in the MAFS confessional, she says, “I don’t need to listen to Will, Will needs to listen to ME!”

So basically, Jasmine wants to run the household, make all the decisions and pay for nothing? That sounds like a recipe for disaster or for a doormat of a husband.

While the latest sneak peek didn’t shed light on what the parents of the other couples have to say, it’s certain to be interesting. Especially considering that none of them have been drama-free at this point.

We’re really interested to see what Luke and Kate’s parents have to say about their marriage, especially after Luke accused Kate of drinking too much on last week’s episode only to turn around and take it back. Will they tell her to run?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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